SME service is terrible. Can’t buy any accessories from local dealers here in USA

Talk about a pain in the … I’m trying to get a basic setup tool for my 309 arm a HTA key to adjust the horizontal tracking. I found out SME doesn’t allow dealers to sell any accessories or parts for their turntables and arms. WTF! This means if you need a common replacement part like belt your looking at 2 weeks for the part to arrive.
Not only that but shipping from the UK isn’t cheap. Who ever at SME made this bone headed decision at SME needs to fired or better yet, something worse!
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The 0.89mm Allen wrench is for adjustment of the cueing arm-lift mechanism.
The HTA key is keyed similarly to a T6 torx.
Make sure (as mentioned in the instructions) that the base clamp bolts are sufficiently lose to allow fore/aft “HTA” movement without binding. A 3mm ball tip Allen wrench is perfect for base clamp bolts.

The HTA key is keyed similarly to a T6 torx.
AFAIK its either a torx or not a torx which is very specific
in design. Add a centre protrusion and its an anti theft torx 
add or take away will call it a finger, and it's another brand
with a different name

Lets all agree manufacturers don't make fasteners and 
anything not made in the U.S. is probably metric 
excluding U.K. built vintage cars and bikes.

 Music Direct has SME parts. Maybe not what you need, but they do sell them. Worth a look.
Vintage British cars use anything but metric fasteners. Typically “Whitworth”, which is their own system of measurement for nuts and bolts. I guess it depends upon how you define “vintage“.
while the UK was a member of the EU, they likely went metric.

All these tools are readily available. The British assume you know that.
Bought a SME20/2 with mkIV arm from a dealer in Seattle last year. They tracked down all parts and even 3D printed one piece. Can’t say enough abought the benefit from dealing with a reputable dealer. 
Analog is one of the few areas where a reputable dealer can truly ad value. Beware of box pushers.
I made a mistake in my earlier post. I meant to say Acoustic Sounds has SME parts, not Music Direct.
Here's the response I got from Acoustic Sounds a couple years ago.

Hi Gordon,
You will have to call SME and order the oil and dampening fluid directly from them. SME only sells directly to customers now. Thanks