Be careful for this business. They removed all negative review. I bought  CANTONLS860 Speaker Stands for my  CANTON Vento Reference 9.2 DC 7" 2-Way Bookshelf $500 like junk, it very cheap. Spike very short, whole bottom base sit on my carpet. Not big deal to buy longer spike to replace. Big deal they do not allow negative review. Send them all the pictures for detail. They said go buy better spike
I have had nothing but positive experiences with A4Less since 2014.  I recommend them all the time.  

If you don't mind me asking, what was your negative experience? 

Not cool to remove negative reviews unless proven unwarranted.

I’ve bought a number of things from them and it’s all been positive. If they are removing negative reviews, that’s not kosher.

Are you sure you posted a review about the correct speaker?  The speakers you mentioned are bookshelf speakers.  They don't sit on spikes.  And they are far from being "junk".  I own a pair.
Sounds like a bunch of jerks.Ill pass on those dudes.
" Are you sure you posted a review about the correct speaker? The speakers you mentioned are bookshelf speakers. They don't sit on spikes. And they are far from being "junk". I own a pair."

@nghy9700 was referring to the Canton speaker stands.

Yes, I call them made sure I get the right stands for my bookshelf speakers, they confirm yes. 
My bad, I thought you were talking about the Canton speakers.
Try to do some negative review, you will never see. Bad business. 
How is Accessories4Less responsible for the type of spike that Canton, a German company, supplies with their factory stands.  It seems to me that their advice to you was correct in that if you weren't happy with the ones supplied buy a different type.  It's clearly visible in the photo on their website that the supplied spikes are short.
I’ve had the same experience with Audio Advisor and Music Direct. Ever notice how all product reviews are positive? Seems to be par for the course. 
Send them 10 photo and some pictures with my B&W PM1 side by side to compare. They send me the link to buy new spikes lol.  
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