Maybe MartinLogan not best for AC/DC at 96 db..??

So what would you all suggest ?
Im building a new system, and tryin to figure out which way to go with front main speakers (they may be for both stereo/phono setup, as well as possibly the HT)

I was originally, and still leaning to Paradigm, studio ref 100`s or maybe some used signature S8`s if i can find a real sweet deal on a set.

I saw a pair of Martin Logan Sequal II`s and started thinking to myself...are either of these really the best for blaring out Led Zep or Puddle of Mud at earth shattering decibals ?

I dont want to BS myself into thinking thats not exactly what im going to do. I do listen to classical now and again, and Pink Floyd maybe has different affect on speakers than say Filter hehe. But most likely is me lifting weights to Linkin Park or Alice In Chains. (yes i already have tinnitus, i have to take it easy with any headphones or the ringing is bad for 1-3 days...but with no headphones...well screw it, a guy has gotta live !). And yes, if the mains do make it onto the HT..i crank that up often too!

So, what would you all suggest ?? I used to love Cerwin Vega years ago, but id heard theyd gone to crap, maybe some nice JBLs ..? I just didnt think theyd handle an amp like the Technics SE-A5 MKII with its .002 THD as well as say the Paradigms. But i also dont want to ruin some beutiful S8`s either. B&W ..? Lets hear some suggestions.

PS: suggestions on a preamp for the Techincs amp are greatly appreciated. HT preamps i got a handle on. But 2 channel ...ehhh...unsure..i dont wanna ruin the sound of that amp, so im tryin to figure that out
The Paradigms are good for high levels. They pretty efficent. Just be careful because they can have a pretty harsh top end with the wrong equipment.
Actually I'm sure those are the best speakers for AC/DC at 96 db!
Try a pro audio pair of any of the larger models (audition to your tastes) of JBL, Meyer, PMC, ATC, Genelec, Westlake, Tannoy, designs will be more dynamic and tend to go at least 3 db louder for the equivalent amplifier power. My ATC SCM 100's sound totally effortless at 105 db continuous (120 db peaks) at the listening position (12 feet back from the speakers) but I rarely listen that loud for long and if I do it is only with a high quality recording...but man, when I do, do they ever rock!

You mentioned AC/DC, actually "Back in Black" is an excellent example of a high quality recording, as far as rock genre recordings go, with only the mildest of compression used in the mix/master.

In case you are skeptical, I might add that AC/DC themselves use ATC on ATC you get to hear AC/DC just the way Angus does!
If you are going for ear splitting pain and amazing accuracy at the same time, buy vintage Klipsch. A pair of Cornwalls will get you amazing volume, take a huge amount of abuse and still sound great. You should see what they can do with 10 watts vs logans with 300
As a longtime electrostat owner and dealer, I'd have to say that this is not the ideal technology for hard rock at high decibels.

In my opinion, one effective way to get where you want to go is to use a high-end speaker with pro-sound drivers. Examples include PiSpeakers, Klipsch heritage series, Classic Audio Reproductions, Edgarhorn, vintage Altec, and two other brands that I happen to sell (don't want to turn this post into an ad so I'll mention who they are in an e-mail). The advantage of prosound drivers is they have excellent dynamic characteristics, and the disadvantages are they are usually not as smooth as high quality high-end drivers and being high efficiency will require a pretty big box to get good bass extension. In my opinion the better designs sound very smooth, but the box size issue remains. However, if you're considering Martin Logans, you've already conceded a fair amount of real estate to your speaker system.

Best of luck in your quest,

By the way, if you want to try pro gear contact [email protected] He will have a ton of wall shattering gear for sale.
No stats for all out rock (owner of Innersound Stats here)
great ideas from others, Klipsch, Pro speakers with Compression drivers and horn subs ( a guy I used to know made DIY open baffle speakers with pro drivers and I heard SPL's that hit 130db..... although I dont think I could handle that level more than 1 song.
Save your ears dude 'cause you might not need speakers later-on...
Speaking of Klipsch I get tired of them very quickly much bellow 96dB but dare to say they have the best synergy between horn and dynamic bass among all speakers.
There are Dyns that could be cranked way above 100dB with less fatigue but with HUGE power required.
I want to thank all of you for all the really helpfull info. I am proud to announce that as of today I am the proud poppa of a pair of 1982 Klipschorns. Your guys comments prompted me to find a local Klipsch dealer, who was actually very close by, and he also is a dealer for Anthem/Paradigm so i could really hammer him with questions
He is redoing his store and had his old personal Klipschorns that he was going to let go, and after teling him what im doing, he offfered them to me. I got the serial #s, called Klipsch today spoke to them about what its like (as far as parts, blue book value, upgrading and the like) and the lead tech at Klipsch gave me some more great info, which helped me knock the price down.
I got them for $2150 cash. YAAAAAAAAAAYYY is all i can say.
Thanks a ton, i couldnt be happier, if it werent for you guys, i wouldnt have seriously considered Klipsch otherwise, as i had thought they were as fragile as Martin Logans- boy was i wrong ~! I also picked up toady in a seperate purchase my Technics SE-A5 MKII, so ive got the speakers and Amp DONE. Now just for preamps. Yeah he could give me a deal on Anthem as well, but id still have to have a seperate phono preamp stage because a big part of this new system will be for my old and well packed Technics turntable (which my kids have never heard). I cant wait to figure that part out, and then i can rock away ~!
your looking for a "rock box"
Von Schweikert VR4 gen I. pretty common here in the $1200-1600 range. Total full range speaker w/slam and dynamics that can almost knock the wind out of you.

funny...I went from these back to Martin Logans.