Max Roach Lovers: Hear This

Max Roach Lovers: Hear This

good old Rudy Gelder, his place,

Sonny Rollins ... are terrific, but Max’s solos are remarkable...

Rudy gives Max Roach Solos (several) center to full right, cymbals to cymbals and everything in between.

the original 1956 was MONO, but this has distinct imaging: Bass full left, SAX left of center, occassionally center, piano center (behind), drums whole right side especially solos.

my CD is 1999 fantasyjazz, Prestige, 7079, JVC 20 bit K2 super coding.

. 128 times over-sampling


I read that prior to 1958, Rudy decided to record in Stereo, and Mix Mono from his stereo masters, then when stereo lp’s came out, he would have stereo masters.

Other studios, with more money, had two recording teams: original mono team, new ’stereo’ wiz kids. they paid the musicians to play twice. whatever, I just had to tell Max fans.



so analog original, up to 20 bit, 128 x over-sampling, down to 16 bit onto PCM CD,

then my Sony xa5400es DAC does 8 x over-sampling, that darn thing sounds awesome

@elliottbnewcombjr  - I was not familiar with this album - Sonny Rollins - "Saxophone Colossus", so I streamed it via Spotify. Wow, it sounds really great! Thanks for posting this... 

I really don't play music like this i have different test but i like this songs too will try to listen some more like this keep sharing.

Colossus is an excellent album and it sounds fantastic on Qobuz Hires. Realistic tonal qualities and separation between instruments, terrific soundstage. Max Roach is at his best.