Phoenix Music Lovers-Join US!!!

2019 Has Great Events Scheduled!!

Held on the Last Wednesday Evening of each month 7pm to 8:30-9:00pm.
Arizona Audio/ Video Club Meetings take place at Trinity Lutheran Church meeting hall.
9424 N. 7th Ave, Phoenix 85021. North on 7th AVENUE past Hatcher to church on left.

*Many Meetings held Off site. 

2019 so far will include:

***1. January 29th. Tuesday. Held at Church. Note day of week change for this meeting. Adam Goldfine will report on a new TV
series similar to Top Gear only on audio gear. YEAH!! Also New Hollywood camera technology and some rare and
great sounding speakers!!

2. TBD.

3. A visit to see Dan Agustino’s factory and showroom in Cave Creek. Ever heard a $250k Amp? Me neither
but I will not miss that.

4. Visit to Riverton Piano Company -formerly Steinway Pianos -to hear the Yamaha Clairvo (computer played)
Baby Grand Piano and receive an update from the owner on what’s happening in the piano world.

5. Visit LMC Sound at the Tempe location for an education on Today’s High Resolution Streaming Options.
This is now the largest segment of money spent by consumers for music.

Not Finalized but in discussion:

- Guest Speaker Paul McGowan, owner PS Audio in Boulder, Co. to speak on Power Conditioning and
anything else he may deem worthy.

- Build your own speaker cable in class. Talk about saving money!!!

-A visit to Charlie Harrison at USA Tube Audio.

- A Phone App. swap session- Demo the free stuff on line for measuring sound. Don’t have it? Better attend.

- Field Trip early October to the RMAF show in Denver. Possible stop in Boulder at PS Audio the hear the new
Music Room One and the famous IRS Ref. System.

- Visit an Audiologist to have them explain Tinnitus and Hyperacusis. Does Cognitive Behaviour Therapy help?
How people often contract it (other than aging). What solutions are available.

- Tour PBS and KBAC stations locally.

- Attend an Imax movie with tour.

- Listen to something at the MIM not amplified mechanically.

**********Assemble your own "Reference" system without taking out a second mortgage. Our members do!

Join up! $48 annual dues.

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I live in Gold Canyon and am interested in the Club.  Can you provide me more details?  How many members?  Do you also go to peoples houses to listen and evaluate systems?  I have been to the Newport and NY audio shows.  I would be interested in the RMAF.  I purchased a pair of Sonus Faber Amati Tradition Homage Speakers from LMC so I am familiar with both of their stores.  I am always interested in learning more about the equipment industry.  Hopefully you will see this.
I don't check this regularly so please understand the late reply.
Our next meeting is at 7pm on Wed 2/17 at 801 E. Camelback Rd
Phoenix. Faith Lutheran Church. 
Please feel free to attend this meeting for evaluation purposes.
This meeting will include a/b comparison of Focal Kanta 2 and Golden Ear Reference speakers.
Cds will be played thru a Hegel Mohican with new Hegel Model ??? Integrated supplied courtesy of Dan Harmon at Dedicated Audio.
Further we will incorporate an a/b comparison of Absorbing panels. The club has always been small in number but does
include many very knowledgeable people. It is a club goal to
increase membership. Please email Tim Warren who writes the
Monthly newsletter if you wish to be added to the distribution
list. Thank you for your inquiry.
We have a member who lives in Las Sendas. Perhaps you 
might join him for a ride share?
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Saturday June 29th, 2019 in Scottsdale, Arizona from 10am to 4pm you can listen to:
Sanders Sound Model 10, Joseph Audio Pulsars, Salk Sound3 beAt, Spatial Audio Lab M3s,
Tekton Design Double Impacts, LSA Signature 10s, Markaudio-SOTA Cesti 3s and Something
very special from ZU audio. Clayton Shaw President of Spatial Audio will speak and take questions.

Directions: 8600 E. Anderson Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. 101 Freeway/Princess Blvd.
Parking  free. Filtered ice water provided.

Format:  Each of the above speakers will be played for 25 minutes in one of the two rooms reserved.
Morning will begin with classical music, then Jazz, then Vocals and finally we will play the club's
collection of great music. Every two hours each speaker may be heard. Support generously provided by all the above fine firms.
Some speakers will be sold at special incentive pricing.
Questions to Jeff Kalina, President Arizona Audio/Video Club.

$10 at the door to cover some costs.