Matching with Audio Note speakers

I hope there will be interest in this question. I've recently learned by reading about the wonderful capacity these speakers have for breathing life into music reproduction. I know generally that it is recommended to match them with SET amps, particularly to realize their full potential in midrange reproduction. I'm interested if anyone has had good results with solid state amplification. I'm using Herron electronics (with Spendor speakers) and would like to know thoughts about the AN speakers as a reasonable upgrade?
I used a pair of Audio Note ANE/SEC silvers with both sterovox PW-1's and Goldmund 18.4's with very satisfying results. I did prefer them slightly with very good SET amplification but could have lived with the SS as long as the rest of the system is up to snuff
i sure hope you are wanting to do this just because you are like me, you tend to change due to boredom or i just want something different, because spendor speakers are just wonderful, in say that, you are not going to believe this, i have owned linn, cary, ar, threshold, pass, bryston, and most of the great amps ,pre,cd compaies and i recently bought a budget pair of cd ,amp,int. from cambridge v2 , it sound so neutral and very tube like that it blew me away, especially for the money, you feel that something is wrong , not paying the big money. I know i have the amp, cd player up on this site for sale, that is because i am having to downsize my system to computer based system for very small room, i am not saying this that you buy mine, someone will, but i am telling you i have been around alot of equipment and they are stunning for the money...640 and 540 units and they would work very well with your speakers. if you are set on tubes...then buy all means look into the www.pacificvalve&, they have stuff that is well built and the money is right, i have several friends who own big money gear and they use their product with great sucess...dwhitt
Thanks guys. I'd like to keep my Herron (VTSP-1a pre, M-150 monoblocks) electronics. To my knowledge, they are neutral and revealing. At this level of cost and quality, do you know whether it would make sense to match them with the AN speakers? I'm pleased with my Spendors, but based on my reading, I was hoping this other British speaker (with Snell origins) could take the transparenccy and dynamics to the next level. I was also attracted by the oppotunity to save cost by building one of the AN kits.
only your ears can tell, the heron outstanding, so if you want to try the others over the spendor, do so, don't sell the spendor until you find out...or if you are ready to get rid of the spendor, then do so, but not on reading anything, your ear's tell you, not us or anyone else...dwhitt
Yours is a point well taken. However, I was hoping to hear from others with experience in using the Audio Note speakers in SS systems.
IMHO the Herron is really nice gear. But, I recommend looking into the Audio Note kits. Call Brian. He is very helpful. I built one of their dac kits (extreme version with black gates throughout) and I love it. I cannot imagine putting solid state amplification with that speaker. Good luck, Jeff
I have a pair of Audio Note ANK-Spe monitors. They sound great with a Creek destiny amp.
Thanks again for the imput. Muzikat, you've got me thinking about the smaller AK speakers, the AN-K and AN-J. I've got more research to do and ideally at some point I would like to audition the speakers. I also have call in to the U.S. distributor, Audio Federation in Boulder, CO, to ask them about amp matching and recommendations for my moderately large room (15 x 22).
I spoke today with Neli Davis, at Audio Federation, Boulder, CO. She was very informative and helpful in discussing the different high end AN speakers. She was NOT discouraging about the use of good SS amplification. Again, at some point I should probably get down there (I live in WY) and audition the speakers.
Of course AN/Es are voiced with SETs and probably do sound 'best' with SETs. However, to me, 'next-best' to SET is the chip amps - gain clones and Tripath. These amps will give you something pretty close to SET sound with lots of power if you need it.
Checking back in on this thread.
I am using an LFD Zero MKIII amp right now. Audio Note Ks sound fabulous with this amp, maybe better than with Audio Note OTO.
Those LFD amps are supposed to be quite special. They brag about low feedback, low parts count. Kind of like SET.. except SET is pretty much no feedback, lowest possible parts count. (That last part is an oversimplification, especially since some of the best SETs have more complex circuits than the simple ones, but you get the idea.)

I heard people say the LFD amps are the best *solid-state* amps they've heard, but I've not yet heard "best amp".
Yes I am a recent convert. Previous SS amps have been mostly Naim and Creek. This amp IMO is better than those by a good deal.
BTW, AN speakers did not sound their best with Naim, not bad, just not as good as Creek and LFD. They both use Mosfets, maybe a common factor in the sound with AN speakers.
Does anybody own a Plinius amp prior to trying the LFD Zero Mk3 amp? I am wondering whether the LFD integrated would be a significant improvement to my Plinius and ARC combination. I'm currently looking at some good high-end integrated as an alternative to my separates and the LFD(apart from the French-made Lavardin IT) has peaked my interest.
Anyone heard the Pathos Twin Towers with Audio Note Speakers?
I can awnser my oun question.

Heard the Pathos TT with AN-E SPe HE at Amherst Audio.
Bob Niel is a great guy and fun to listen to music with.
The combo was really nice! Wonderful sweet extended highs. Warm detailed Mids and colorful deep lows.
Im matching greatly AN/E spe speakers with Audia Flight pre/power combo. And to my ears it sounds better than Meishu line integrated. More energy, transparent and 3d imaging. 

Hope to get another SET amp just to have the option to change the sound if i want.