Matching Royd Speakers

My wife and I are interested in setting up a home theater system. We recently purchased a pair of Royd Doublets which we would like to use as our front main speakers. These speakers are very musical and we really like them. Our problem is Royd has revamped their speaker line and went upscale as far as prices are concerned (way beyond our budget - we paid $1300 for the Doublets). We would like to get a center channel and the rear channel speakers but are unsure as to what other manufacturers would match the Royds. Any ideas or comments.

There is a dealer friend of mine in West Virginia. They sell Royds(great speaker) and they should be able to provide all the info you need. Absolute Sound-304-768-7874.Good listening!
Change the name of those speakers!
The Hemor center channel is excellent.
Who makes the the Hemor center channel. I can't find any information on it. Thanks.

As far as the name goes, talk to Joe Akroyd.

I knew a guy who had the Hemors in the rear, but he didn't particularly like them there.
Hemors only work in the rear. They tend to be hot but some PrepAitch cables will cool them right off. They sound better when the listener is standing.

Hemors, is that a brand name? Never heard of them, but that is not surprising. Can someone enlighten me.

A friend of mine had his Hemors modified (relatively expensive but he had some kind of "insurance" that covered most of the cost). Prior to the mod they sounded too "hot"...the kind of sound that'd make your ears "bleed". It's taken awhile to get them broken in, but with some time and patience, they now sound very "relaxed" and soothing. You can listen for hours w/o any hint of flair-up.
Okay, Dave, we've had our fun. We are all making fun of the name Royd, and the Hemor-Royd is what it is all about. Hemmorhoid, get it? Just all in fun, no disrespect meant.
I am trying to be a little serious and in the end was just dense. What else is new? LOL

Seriously, South43 thanks for the number. I called and they reccommended the Totem Mite-t and Mite-c-t to match. Totem uses the exact same tweeter as the Royds. What does everyone thenk about Totem Acoustics? Looking for information.

Hi Dave, Glad they were able to help. Great people to work with. I don't have any info on Totem Acoustics. I did listen to a pair at there store(forget the model) but that was a long time ago. There should be someone here that can help(hopefully without the drama). Best of luck.

I did call Royd Loudspeakers and Jo Ackroyd answered the phone (I didn't know it at the time). He was very helpful and actually suggested Rega, because you want the British sound, you know. The one thing he did say was that the rear channel speakers should not have over-emphasized bass as it would cause a bad interaction with the Doublets. I am still planning to listen to the Totems and the Rega's, when I get a chance.

Best of luck to you Dave on your system goals. Let me know how it turns out. Bret
I have heard the Totem Staff speakers in a fairly nice setup. Very small, discrete and classy looking, especally in light of the fact that they are a floor standing speaker. Sound was very nice to my ears. Could be more speaker than a rear channel deserves but I seem to remember them as being reasonably priced...especially on the used market. Well worth checking out.
can you split a pair and thus buy a hemi-Royd??
Very old joke!! I don't think Jo AckROYD would appreciate jokes on his company. They are old!!!