Matching Amplifier to Focal Maestro Utopia


i found here used Vitus SM-101 , but the seller decide to keep them and remove the add.

there is also MBL 9008A mono for sale here on Audigon.

the Maestro 93db , so every small Amp can drive them.
buy on the other hand , they drop to 1.7ohm at 100hz
compare to Stella or Grande , the Maestro don't have option for Bi-Amp and they don't have Electro Magnet driver - they have two big 13" driver that make them a very hard to drive.

Focal Dealers recommend Solution 710/711 or Accuphase M-6000 or A-200.

do you know more brand/models can be a good match?

I always recommend Krell for Focal speakers. I have heard everything from the S-300i with Chorus 700 series speakers to some of the big mono blocks with the Stella and Grands. I have heard them with other gear but have never wow'd by anything else. The local dealer uses Asthetix these days.

what other brands you listen to with Utopia and you didn't like?
You'll want a solid state amp that can go close to doubling it's wattage from 8ohms to 4ohms and then to 2ohms (which means good current delivery) if you want the best from the lower and upper bass, on these speakers. I would suggest a good big BJT (bi-polar) output amp like early big Krell's. And would stay away from Mosfet amps and tubes.

Quote from Stereophile tests.
"As taxing as this will be for an amplifier, there are combinations of 3.75 ohms and –37° phase angle and 2.3 ohms and +40° at 62Hz and 126Hz, respectively, which will also demand very high currents from the amplifier. As all music has considerable energy in this region, the Focal's owner will have to use an amplifier that can genuinely deliver high powers into 2 ohms if the speaker is to be allowed to sing as it should. Even then, as I found with the otherwise superb Simaudio W-7 amplifier, the high phase angle at infrasonic frequencies may well cause the amplifier to go into protection with a wideband pulse as it encounters what appears to be a short circuit on its output."

Cheers George
The local shop is currently running Asthetix amps and I have never left the store blown away like I always was with the Krell. I can't say why, but it is a consistent response.