Audio Analogue Maestro Settanta


Does anyone here own this integrated amp, I would like your impressions of the amp, how you are using it and speaker selection. Thanks.



I own the Audio Annalogue Maestro Anniversary ( can’t comment on the original)

I auditioned it vs Accuphase e380, and chose it over the accuphase.


It is being fed by a Lampizator Dac and it drives a pair of NHT 3.3 (87DB, 6ohm)


It is simply a wonderful integrated: very fast, very dynamic, soundstage is huge, imaging quite precise, the midrange is sweet ( the amp is on the warm side).

I bought from the original owner, pristine condition, for 4.5k usd , for that kind of money I can’t think of any reliable SS integrated that sounds this good.

Ive owned Hegel, Cambridge Audio and Marantz amplifier in the past and the Maestro is in a different league. 

hope it helps