Match Amp to Spendor Preludes - Meridian or Creek

I have a set of Spendor Prelude Speakers. I currently have a Small NAD Integrated Amp that can't drive them.

I am looking at a couple of integrated amps. A used Meridian 551 or a used Creek 5350SE? Which would you recommend as a better match to the Spendors? Whay?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I just installed a Creek 5350 SE in a 12x10 room with tall ceiling, driving Von Schweikert VR-1s (about 87dB sensitivity). I am very happy so far. Very quiet, more than enough power, very realistic midrange, nice bass (at least for these speakers) and crystaline highs. Good luck!
I understand that Spendor and Naim make a nice matching as well, there are some Nait3r out there at good pricing.

I was a dealer for Spendor and Meridian in the 80s and 90s and used the 605 power amp with the Spendors , so the small meridians should work as well. The Preludes do not require a lot of power but neither do they mind it. I often drove them with a Krell 50 or 100. The simple answer is use whatever amp you like the sound of, the Spendors present no load problems or have any weaknesses that you need to cover up with amplification.