Jolida202a vs. Creek 4330

I am considering the purchase of either a Creek 4330 or Jolita 202a. I tracked down my local dealer. This is the highest end that this poboy is able to reach. I thought the Jolita was good in performance and looks but I was a bit annoyed with what was like a 'wash' or 'screen' of a sort of hiss. It wasn't constant but seemed to fluctuate with the volume of the music. I can't imagine that enthusiasts have experienced the same and still have such praise for the unit. The dealer explained it to me as possibly a poorly seated tube (although he couldn't fix it) or what he called 'tube rush' as an admitted amateur in tubes amps I have no idea what it is. Do you have any comments? Do the tubes have to be upgraded? I don't thrill with the idea that I've got to imediately change all the tubes in a brand new tube amp to get quality sound.
Thanks for any comments on either unit.
I own Jolidas, a 202, 302 and 502 in my various secondary systems. There shouldn't be an annoying hiss but these units aren't dead silent either. If you are on a restricted budget you will still need to retube. The stock Chinese tubes are terrible. This will be an additional $100-$200. The 302 is a noticably better unit particularly if you listen to pop, rock or large scale instrumental music. I listen to mostly chamber music in my office on the 202.
I have a 302A and even with bad, I mean worn out, Chinese tubes that were in it when I got it there was very little hiss. You would have to put your ear in the speaker and try to hear the hiss.

If it was volume dependant the hiss was probably from the source.
You should not have this hiss. As the amps are assembled in China, you must be vigilant about getting one that wasn't assembled along the lines of a Detroit car on a Monday or Friday. The tubes DEFINITELY need to be upgraded. Go to either Svetlana EL34 or JJ E34L. Depends on your tastes. The 202 sounds very good, but the 302B is better at driving real world speakers(much more guts). This may or may not be something that factors into your decision.
Thanks for all your comments. Trelja, how do you recommend avaoiding the assembled on a Monday or Friday phenomenon?
I am a JoLida dealer, and have never encountered the hissing phenomenon you describe. Should you by chance end up with a defective unit, I am sure the JoLida people will be very responsive to your needs. Mike Allen is genuinely good people - a big bear of a guy with a heart of gold. Your dealer can help you get any problems resolved as well, if you would rather he handle it. When something goes wrong, that's your dealer's chance to demonstrate that you did right when you chose to bring your business to him.
whatever yer choice, if yer a *poboy* (or even if not!), buy used - yule get more bang for the buck. ie: a jolida 302 instead of a 202...
Thank you all - Sedond, Audiokinesis,Trelja, Pls1 - You convinced me I picked up a 302a demo and look forward to using it with my new Castle Acoustic Richmonds!
Thank you for the update Keithcady. Please let us know how you like the Jolida. Good Luck!
I got my 302a and hooked it up this weekend. I also got a great deal from an Audiogon dealer on a pair of Castle Richmond speakers. The combination is fantastic for our small apartment! We are VERY pleased. I far prefer the looks of the 302a to the latter 302b. I don't have the resources to launch a lot of 'tweaking' projects as some have recommended but even 'as-is' this is great package. Thanks again for all your help!