Master Metal Guitarist

A great listen, watch this guy tear it up.

EMG 808X
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Back at'cha

If you like guitars, here's a shameless plug for a project I worked on (photography). Not that I expect that many will be busting out their wallets for this bank-breaking book, but I have to say, it's damned impressive and if you're an electric guitar fanatic, a must-have. Disclaimers should be obvious.

The Guitar Collection

Amazon sells it at a significant discount, but still an investment.
Thanks Jax, check out Bireli Lagrene Foreign Affairs too.
My son showed me this awhile back, I bought the CD.
Amazing stuff, he changes his tone sometimes on the
CD so sometimes it doesn't sound so great, mostly
the sound is really great, not overly compressed.
I keep a copy in the car at all times :)
I have Animals as Leaders "weightless", the second album with his group, heard the first but it was just drum samples and a showcase of his talent, this music is at times cool and at times like Prog vomit where everything is so dizzy and mixed in its just a bit much IMO. No doubt this guy can play!
Hey Jax, I saw that book recently, at my local bookstore. It's a beautiful collection of photographs. $1500.00 was a bit steep for me, but it is impressive.
Hey, thanks, Spiritualized. Glad it comes off well, and good to know it's showing up in some stores. Yeah, it ain't cheap. It's definitely "boutique" material, for the collector who has everything. It's really a project to show off the publisher's abilities. At that level of production costs with the limited edition, they will not be making much money on this, even at those prices - it's more about showing what they are capable of with all the stops pulled out. As far as that goes, they've really done a great job. It was certainly a fun project to work on.