Martin Speakers USA. Any info?

There is a company called Martin Speaker USA (not Martin Logan) selling speakers on Ebay. I have not been able to find any info on this company. Does anybody have any info on the company or own a pair of their speakers?

I can only find reference to them at EBAY. Odd that there is no manufacturers web site. Could be a great product that has low exposure or the EBAY version of "white van" speakers.

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Here is a link-
Thanks for the link Klipschfan, I was unable to find it with Google.
Martin Speakers has been around since '64. I had about 4 or 5 pair back in the 70s. Real nice sounding speakers. The company is run by the original owners son. Most of what they made were sold in Europe. I still have and use a pair of the original 310 Gamma series. The sound awesome. When I saw them on eBay I grabbed a pair. Let me tell ya..They'll blow the doors off of a most of the stuff you find today.
What's quite interesting I found (not via listening which I have not been able to do so but just via their literature) is that much of their parts & components are pretty much exactly the same as Kharmas! Obviously different applications and modfications, cabintry etc but there are quite a lot of similiarities, apparently.
Martins are basically a no none-sense, straight forward, acoustic suspension speaker. With the exception of the fact that there are better drivers available today, they never changed much over the years. Like I said I had 4 pair of these in the past. The cabinets are Rock Solid. I could never quite put my finger on it, but there was just something about they sound. The 206s I bought on eBay were well worth the 3 bills I paid. I'm using them with an old Marantz 1070 at 35 WPC. The imaging, seperation, and clarity is incredible. If anything, I think other companies copied them.
Klipshfan, Hey thanks for stepping in and providing our WWW address, I need more Martin Speaker fans like you. Vlad, if you look in my eBay store in UK, France and Belguim, you will see our Magazine reviews, a letter/art from Icon Pop Artist Peter Max (he was a former musician) who owns several pair of Martins in is his NYC Apt/Studio. This is also on my WWW site, We did sell most of our units in France and have been a number one seller there (Europes clamor for Martin Quality delayed US saturation) Audio Vidio International Magazine, they demand very high quality(not colored bass), now more audiophiles like yourself are showing up in America! That is fantastic and we will be here for you if you need any assistance. Look for my new 1650 tower to be released soon! Thank you, Michael Martin, Martin Speakers USA