Martin Logan Spire

Hi Audio Guys

I have a pair of Aerius’ that were sent to ML in 2002 for a rewire and upgraded to the new BI wire post.

They still sound great ( I keep dry and clean) and mate with MK Levinson 380 pre and 360 DAC, and AR D400 MK2.

Balanced Transparent Ultra XL interconnect and XL speak cable (Bi cable) version.

I have no real reason to part with other than the fact that there is a pair of ML SPIRE out there now for about

4 grand or so. I don't do 5.1,7.1 etc. (not into surround). Just 2 I'd be stuck with my Aerius for a while

if I purchased the Spires. ( too many Aerius' out there now just sitting) and not selling.

Should I consider them or just keep what I have. I forgot to mention I do have a sub also.

I was thinking that if the Spire could go lower than the Aerius could I trim the sub back for a better balance.

Again it sounds good now but just wondering.

Any thoughts.



The Spire and Aerius both go down to around 50hz then roll off quickly after that, if your sub can be crossed over at say 40hz you should be fine.

Cheers George