Martin logan source speakers with Rogue cronus

I wonder if any one have heard the ML source (or any other ML) with a Rogue cronus Magnum. Intend to use transparent wave speaker cable and transparent interconnect. I will be auditioning this setup soon. I would like to hear diverse honest opinions. Within my budget ($2,000) for an integ or pre-amp, Im also considering the Rotels or cambridge.

Please comment
I run a Cronus Magnum with Harbeth C7's which is a rather popular combination......if you like Harbeth's. I've never heard of anyone disliking the Cronus Magnum, but I personally can't stand the latest from Rotel. I owned the latest, biggest, most expensive Rotel separates and absolutely hated them in my room. Not to say they wouldn't sound okay in someone else's. The Cronus is fantastic and easy to maintain. Customer service is about is good as you could ever imagine from Rogue.

Sorry I can't comment on ML. I hope you enjoy them.
Not your exact combination but in the ballpark. I use the Rogue M-180 amps with the Martin Logan Summits and really enjoy the combination.
Thanks for your replies. As with all ML speakers position is top. I audition the Vincent amp and pre and I was impressed. A little rolling on the highs as the voices could be more defined and clear. Now I'm going to audition the Rotel 1580 / 1582 and the Rougue Cronus. I also heard them with a 50w. musical fidelity int. I realized that the ML need power to truly deliver.
Like all systems it's about the sound and your personal preferences. Thanks for your comments and I welcome suggestions