Mark Levinson vintage Preamp & Power Supply (ML-1 & PLS-150)

Hello all, Just signed on this board after looking for some more info on the mentioned preamp from Mark Levinson. I had received this complete set from an audiophile relative a few decades ago who is no longer with us, but I wanted to get more info and willing to part with it since times are rough. The components are in great condition and works and it has never been turned back on since the whole system was connected together while he was around (still remember listening to David Grusin West Side Story vinyl on that system through Stax loudspeakers - whoa!)
Anyhow is there a market for these components still?
Sorry, should i have posted this in the "Vintage" section?
You posted in the right place. This iconic preamp was first produced in 1977. It looks like eBay is your friend when it comes to determining value and actually selling the preamp/power supply. This preamp was very advanced in its day and utilized individual electronic modules inside. The asking price for some of the modules (phono) alone is $999.00 on eBay. Good luck.