Mark Levinson ML29

Anyone owned or listened to this classic 50wpc amp? How does it compare to the 27 or 27.5? Currently I have a Plinius SA100 MKIII, Tyler Acoustic Linbrooks, Jolida Music Envoy Preamp, and Jolida JD100 CDP.

Anyone :)
Hi,in 1988,I demoed a 27 and a 29 with Mission 765 speakers and a Counterpoint pre.More bass/slam dynamics with the 27,but the little 29 was more open,like really crystal-clear.I should of bought it,but went with another[cant remember].Hope my adjectives help somewhat,all I can say is it was very memorable,Bob
I got to hear my buddies ML29 last week. Believe it or not it sounds better than my Plinius SA100MKIII in my system. Let me say that again...In my system. I know alot of people would not agree but there is something magical about this 50 wpc amp. My speakers are Tyler Acoustics and they are very efficient. The Plinius has too much mid bass punch believe it or not and the ML29 has the right amount of everything from top to bottom. I have more low end bass now but that probably is because the midbass is freed up to play more midrange. It is really wierd that it has turned out this way because I really love the Plinius as it has been the best amp to my ears I have owned. I never would have thought an older amp would be this good.

The ML29 with my speakers has a better overall balance. Let me tell you this is one sweet amp.