Mark Levinson 532H

Could anyone give any comments on this amp? Just think to buy it to match my 326s? tks
I heard one a year ago, driving Revel Salon 2s when I was auditioning speakers. Nice amp, especially in the mids. Quite neutral. Really liked it with acoustic and small combo music. But for rock I preferred the comparably-priced Plinius SB-301's performance in both dynamics and bass weight and slam, and so went that route at the time with my Salon 2s.
You will not be sorry if you go this route. Great synergy between all ML products. Contact me directly at 914-438-4988 to discuss futher.
I had a 432, the predecessor to the 532H. I tried it with a 326 and did not like the results. The 432 has a somewhat laid back sound and coupled with the 326, it was just too laid back. It was just too mellow in my system. Admittedly I have Sonus Faber Cremona which themselves are somewhat laid back. So, for me the 326 and 432 combination just was not vibrant enough. I ended up with a Classe pre-amp, which has now been changed to a Cary SLP-05. I have not tried the same test with a 532H, but you should at least consider how laid back you want the system. From P59teitel's comments, it sounds like the 532H may be similar to the 432 in sound.
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Dickey1, you posted on another thread that you are using monitors in a 100 s.f. room. Wouldn't a 532H or similar high-wattage amp be overkill for you?

Just wondering if you'd get better results by spending the same amount on less-powerful but more refined gear, say maybe Class A instead of A/B.