Mark Levinson 436 Monoblock Amplifiers- How much Class A?

Wondering if anyone knows how many Class A watts these amps put out before switching.  I emailed Mark Levinson and received the response, and I quote: "I do not have that information". That was the entire message. Anyone know?
Check out the Stereophile website to determine if this amp has been reviewed. There will be measurements if this item has been reviewed.

Otherwise, contact Pyramid Audio in Austin TX. These guys repair ML gear.  Happy Listening!
Don't know for sure but, in general, a class A/B amp will operate in class A up to where the output current is about twice the bias current. The ML 436 idles at half the rated power output at 8 ohms so I am guessing that means it's biased close to 1 amp. Therefore the class A operation is twice that squared times 8 ohms or 32 watts.

That's a guesstimate.
Excellent points,
gs5556 and lucidear. This is a very powerful amp.
I apreciate the information. Thanks gs5556!  No luck in the stereophile review. 
Agreed, they are powerful amps and I have been very happy with them for a couple years.  Great low end, mids, imaging and dynamics.