Mark Levinson 390S reprogramming

What's the procedure to re-programm the 390S?
I assume you're talking about the drawer mechanism. If so:

Start with the power, and if possible have the drawer stopped half open.

While holding the STOP/DRAWER button in, turn the power on. The unit will display start-up information, then "CALIBRATE', and the drawer will cycle in and out. If the drawer was stopped half open it will close, open, then close again. You may release the Stop button while the drawer is calibrating.
Thanks for your answer,but it's not reading the cd.
Then your CD-Pro2 mechanism is probably dead.
Then I don't understand your question. Can you be more specific?
I'm interested in Mark Levinson No390s. Could you please sell me the item for total cost 1600$(shipping to Chicago IL 60630 include in this price). I would like to pay you with money order.
If you accept my offer, please give me your address for payment.
Avecesar -

To nie jest watek sprzedażowy. Od tego są ogłoszenia.

Ah57lb - by all means keep the player. The brand new CD-Pro2 drive costs only $400. Any local tech can replace it for you.
I moved the player with the lock screw , when i removed the screw the player is reading the cd's but as a data only without music.
Don't you have an owners manual? It sounds like you could have the wrong input selected or the wrong output selected. If you don't have a owners manual go here and download one:
I got the following procedure from ML to reset the No. 390S:

1) Turn unit OFF (not standby).
2) Press and hold the front panel PAUSE button.
3) Continue holding PAUSE button while turning power ON.
4) The unit will display START UP, CODE XXXX, NEW DATA, DEFAULTS on the front panel display. Release the PAUSE button when the display stops changing.
Does anyone know where I can get the laser assembly for this unit?
Maybe here
Ah -

I would say that the Laser is failing. It should not be too difficult to find a replacement & tech to help w/ repair.
Keep us posted.