Marantz SA10S1 Versus SA7S1

Hi All,
I will be selling my beloved Marantz SA7S1 due to a bundle sell with speakers. I love the SA7S1 and rest of my system is Linn Klimax Solo monos, Kontrol preamp, Wilson Benesch ACT C60 speakers.

Question: Marantz SA10S1 vs SA7S1 purely sound-wise for redbook mainly playback?
Anyone owned both for comparison?
Debate starts :) 
My private message to you did not include the part about CD playback in your public question...            
I bought my Marantz SA-10 mainly for CD playback. The CD playback is spectacular. whether from the Maratz SA-10's own spinner, or using the SA-10 as a DAC. When I say spectacular, I am personally mostly writing about the improved high frequencies. Which also translates into better attack all through the sound.
what about delicacy i what all the subtle notes and detail brought out of a cd and separated form the mix not just jumbled inside.. which of the players does this best?