Marantz 7T recommendation

Looking for a top notch rebuilder for my Marantz 7T, Prefer a 7T owner that has experienced a complete internal rebuild caps etc service,
Thanks everyone
This is not a direct answer since I didn’t have one restored (though I did have a tube one that ’got away’ back in 1973), but you may still find this of interest. Guy bought a 7 knowing it was frankensteined by a mod that converted an output circuit to solid state. Audio Classics brought it back to original state. Pretty impressive.

@rbtstock, I own a 7T that I bought on a local craigslist that would not power up. I brought it to Mid-Hudson Hifi in Florida, NY. They did a full recap, and replaced the red power light with an LED.
They did a fantastic job, and the unit has been working without issue for years. Their pricing is fair as well. I ended up buying a restored Dynaco st-70 when I went to pick up the 7T, that too has been operating without issue. It's a modest shop, but they are extremely talented and knowledgeable. Ask for Mike.