Marantz 2325 Buzzzzzz

This morning I was listening to the radio on my 2325 and out of the blue a loud buzzing sound started within the receiver. Didn't seem to matter what input was chosen. I then shut it off for 5 minutes, turned it on to see if the buzz was still there and it was gone. Any ideas on what this might be?
E-Mail Bill at "i rebuilt"...
He is the dean of these vintage receivers!
He completely rebuilt mine to perfection, he will no doubt have the answer!

Good luck,

If you haven't had the unit recapped, this is likely a warning shot. The electrolytic capacitors in any electronics that are this old have reached the end of their useful life. Time to put some money / time into it or give/ sell it to someone who can/will.
The site is I rebuild very cool site but I gather on the expensive side perhaps, well this is a "high end" group of enthusiasts.