Marantz 2270

Bought at the end of 2016 a Marantz 2270 from Ebay.

The owner at that moment found the receiver in the basement of his grandfather as he told us and put it on Ebay.
I bought it for 435,- euro's and picked up in Germany.
At home I did some investigation because it did not work at all......

What did i found:
Powerswitch contacts where completely burned away.
The dial lights where defective included the stereo indicator.
AM tuner defective
Found strange wirering between poweramps , relais and outlets.
FM signal indicators gave allmost nothing though the reception was sensitive enough.
O yeah, the wooden case was painted...

All these items where repaired with a minimum of costs. And even the wooden case looks perfect after restoring.
Then .... measurements:
Power output more then 80 Watts RMS per channel both channels driven. Distortion less then 0.4% at 70W .
So it still meet the specs I believe.

I Use a set of Bowers & Wilkins DM2a's which are sounding marvelous in combination of this 2270 who was build in 1972 !

Background information: in the very past I worked at the former Dutch import company of Marantz (Amroh in Muiden, the Netherlands) and later on at the service departement of Grundig Netherlands in Weesp.
So, all the knowledge, skills and equipment for restoring audio equipment is available.

If someone needs help you can always contact me.


Sounds like you have a nice sweet vintage set up.  I too am enjoying vintage gear (Sansui) and have never had so much fun!  I now listen to the music and not my system. (which sounds incredible)

Nice of you to offer your services as I am sure their are many here who could benefit from someone with restoration skills.

I have a Marantz 2252 I still admire greatly.  A couple of my friends love vintage gear and won't stray.  One of them has a hard time trying to stop getting more pieces he has no room for.
Wish I still lived in Deutschland, I'd have you teach me!

Thanks for bringing an old audio solider back from the brink. I bet that Marantz is happy to sing again.
Nothing really change .....

Our ears are still the same; capable to hear from 20 to 16.000 Hz. Some people do hear a little more; that's it...
But.... sum and/or devided frequencies can give a specific character to the equipment, loudspeakers specific.

I've read several items regarding loudspeaker cables. And yes a good cable is important. But gold-plated ??? is really unnecessary.  No men can hear the difference (within normal house / room limits) between gold plated 2,5mm2 cable and just 0.75mm2 cable.
So, don't over-do it is the message for this.

My Marantz 2270 is capable for over 70 Watts/channel; do I need it?  no ofcourse not, but it has other benefits: more options for inputs and tape-dubbing etc.
And due to the power supply inside with large capacitors (9000uF) it can go to the lowest frequencies without turning the bass controls to maximum :-)

That's fun !

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I sold a beloved 2285 (just a bit more output at 85 watts/channel) in 2009 due to hardship for much less that that....the 2285 was in perfect operation, even had the original box and owners manual for loss, another's gain.  Enjoy your 'new' purchase!
Hello Quincy, thanks!
Also I read some issues about speaker cables.
There are lots of people who claimed to hear the difference......
I've made a study about the cables and found that it is impossible to hear the difference between 2,5mm2 and 1mm2 wires when used in a normal house room with an output of 10 Watts. 
With 4-pole parameters calculation you can easely check this out.
So, just use a common simple cable but watch the polarity.