Maple, solid vs butcher block, vs other materials

I recently bought the highly touted Marantz SA-14 SACD player. Sounds excellent, but about the same as the 10 year old Krell that it replaced. I expected more, both of CD and of SACD playback. I have heard that setup is very important with this player.

I am about to try my favorite power cord, but I am thinking that I might want to put the player on different material.

It now sits on a stand (that can be seen in my ad for the Krell Studio on this site) made of walnut veneered plywood.

I am looking for suggestions.
I have heard good and bad about granite (other than the negative about the cost)
I have heard that maple is a great, but what type?
The advantage of getting a good thick butcher block is that if it doesn't help, I could use it in the kitchen. The one sold at Mapleshade would be useless if it doesn't work well.
Is another material better?
Should I just forget the base material?
Wood base isolation platforms or stands will give your SA14 a warmer tonal character then it's current performance. As well, solid steel stands will be more stable than wood, but tonal color will be sharper, less colored. A good stand/platform is a main key to the sound of your setup because SA14 is your source. I currently have my SACD1000 on Solid Rosewood Cones sitting on a solid maple stand. Lot warmer than when it was sitting on my carpet. MOre accurate top when it was sitting on my Lovan metal rack but, total performance is better with wood. Rock-base stand/isolations will give a colder/sharper sound but should sound the most accurate on top and the bass would get tighter and more solid.
I have all my components sittng on Sistrum Racks. Their webside is Their systems work on the coupling/resonant transference principles. They sound great, and look great as well. I believe they have a money back gurantee. Whattaya gots to lose? Decoupling or isolating is almost impossible to achieve. Remember airborn resonances, get into all your electronics. The very things that you use to isolate, can keep those nasty microphonous producing diddies in your system. Coupling is easier to achieve and the effects are astonishing. Robert is the man over there. Call him. He'll set you free.
check out your favorite home depot, in the kitchen cabinet section they have 18x20x1.75 maple "cutting boards" try it out, if you don't like it, you have new kichen equipment for $30 a pop.....

(these are 2" strips that run the length, not end- grain "blocks")
Had a maple platform for about 4 years that could have probably been set up better, and then had an mdf platform on a good rack for a year. Recently picked up a Neuance shelf. The Neuance improved performance way more than I thought it would.
Buy an IKEA RACK table for $9.99. If you like the sound then you know Neuance is the way to go...
A 4" thick base from Mapleshade is the best I've come across. All of Mapleshades products really deliver.
Go out to and do a searvh on 'butcher block'. One of the better names is John Boos Butcher Blocks.

The best maple is I believe 'end-grain' cuts. You can pick up a 24"x24"x6" for $290. or 24"x"24"x1.5" for about $110. Or anything in between.

Maple is the best practical and inert material and it's quite nice looking too, when oiled.

I can't see why somebody would put a rock like granite or marble under their equipment.

Currently, a Neuance is under my cdp. It is supported by a wall mounted maple shelf with steel brakets. I was using an mdf shelved floor rack with isolation between the maple and mdf before getting the Neuance. It was easy to hear the superior performance of the Neuance on the floor rack compared to the maple shelf and an even a greater improvement with the more rigid wall mount stand.
Hi Drrdiamond, I have tried all the materials mentioned. I have used maple, MDF (terrible stuff) glass, corian, marble, granite, steel, lead, sandboxes, many types of feet, spikes along with Mapleshades triple points.
I agree with Warrenh's opinion on the Sistrum racks. I also agree with Pschicanimal and Duanegossen views on the Neuance shelf that I use with a Mana rack. IMO, these products are just as important as your fine audio gear. You may not even realize just how good you equipment is or what the benefit of the Neuance and Sistrum will do for you system. I would give the Sistrum speaker platforms or stands a try. You might find that your speakers performance has gone beyond what you might thought they were capable of. These products should be viewed the same way as any piece of electronics or your speakers. This is just another opinion from another audiophile. I have been trying all types of materials, racks, footers, and many things I can't even remember for many years. Nothing has had the impact as Neuance and Sistrum racks. I believe both Neuance and Sistrum have a 30 day trial. I think you might find these products will never be returned. If I were to start a system from scratch, one or both of these products is where I would start. For me it only makes since. You want all you audio gear to perform at it's best. Best to you in your search.
Can someone tell me where to buy the Neuance shelfs?