Magnum Dynalab MD 208?

Anybody own this unit and if so what do you think about it, likes/dislikes?
I auditioned this piece at home for about a week. My equipment was Nautlis 805's, Arcam Alpha 9 CD, and Transparent music wave pulse speaker wire and interconects. First, the sound was sexy: Very smooth and non fatiging. My girl friend absolutly loves it. In fact, in some ways I did too. I did not care for the transformer hum. I think this has something to do with the tuner though because the hum leaked mostly into the tuner, especially when the lights were turned on the noise level increased. I think I may buy the 308 integrated amp from magnum. It is the first sub-5000 dollar combo I have come across that has some groove to it. One quark though, it did not like playing RadioHead. However it sounded wonderful on classicas, vocals, and Jazz.
Hope this helps,
Thanks, I tried this unit overnight once and was quite impressed, oddly enough my girlfriend really liked the unit too. We also tried the Musical Fidelity A300, too glary but decent considering the price, the Krell KAV300IL, weak in the bass and gray sounding and the MD208 which was very smooth and non fatiguing with good bass. The only fault I could find with it was a lack of front-to-back depth which I think could be because the unit was not totally broken in yet.