Magneplanar 1.5 -- What amp???

I've been trying to get a freind of mine to try some,... actually ANY kind of panel speaker. I found some 1.5's here on A'gon that I'm having delivered to his home and I know he doesn't have a proper amp to drive them with. Since I've already spent $800 on speakers, I don't want to break the bank, after all this is just for fun. So, could I please get a few helpful suggestions about amping these speakers? I've never had Maggies myself, just Logans, so it'll be kind of fun for me too (and I don't have the room for another system).

Please, try and keep the suggestions under $1,200 used. I figured used is where I'm going to get the best bang for the buck. The cheaper the better. (I was thinking about a Threshold S200. Any thoughts on this one?)
Aragon 8002 and plus some cables!
I have driven my maggies (2.7) very succesfully w/ Classe and currently ARC/Bryston Electronics.

Classe CA-100 (one currently listed) or a Classe integrated. CAP-100 would be in the range.

Bryston 60 watt integrated may be a little light (I'm not sure), but the 3b would pair nicely.

Many maggi dealers seem to feel these amps provide the control at the bottom end that maggies benefit from.
I own 1.5's amd they work very well with my Bryston 4B-ST. Maggies love current so the more power you can throw at them the better. You don't advise whether you need a power amp or an integrated amp but remember you'll need at least 200 w/ch at 4 ohms to bring these speakers to life. Classe, Bryston, Aragon, B&K, Rotel are just a few of the amps you should be looking at...
Currently running my Magnepan 3.6R and MGCC1 with McCormack amps.
Try Aragon or Bryston amps. In the Aragon line try the 4004 MK II, 8002 or 8008 amps. The Aragon amps will have good control of the bottom end and they are high current amps. The Maggies require plenty of power. I am using a Aragon 4004 to drive my 1.5's.
Thanks a lot for the help, guys. I think I'm on to something with the Aragons. Perfect price range and power.