Magnepan MMG for fun and enjoyment.

I own a Manley Stingray amplifier. I currently own JMR Trentes and I love them dearly. I also have a Denon home theater amplifier, about 70 watts. I had some Def Tech 7004's for the home theater. They were pretty good but I gave them to a friend. Then I tried some little Axiom M2's for the home theater. Even though the guys on the Axiom forum will tell you till the cows come home that those tweeters aren't bright..they are accurate..., well then I don't like their version of accurate. I returned those.
The Magnepans look like they are a lot of fun. And they are just a little more than the M2's and their stands. Is a 13 x 14 room big enough to let those babies sing? I'm not a bass head, I really get a kick out of good imaging, and I spend my weekend moving my speakers around in two different rooms switching back and forth between the two amps. I'm not married, so luckily I get to put them anywhere I want.
I'd appreciate the room size advice.
Thank you.
I think it would work all right... The only real way to tell is to try it and see. I say "go for it." They might sound pretty good with the Manley amp in your smallish room.
I'm using MG12's in my 13' x 14' listening room. I have the speakers about 41" off the rear wall. Can you afford to use that much room. This was the sweet spot in my room. I listen to them angled inwards position and sometimes facing forward. Each position has it's virtures in soundstage presentation.
I'm also using a 35 watt tube amp and YES, they sing in my room. The MMG's should be wonderful in your room especially with the amp you have.

I just put a Hafler Transnova 9300 in my system to check it out for a friend and I got a wonderful midrange but the highs were all wrong. The speakers will tell you what is upstream. You will be able to hear the changes that are made too.

I agree with Plato, give it a try. You may be very surprised. The Manley is very good and should mate very well with the Maggies. My room does not like speakers that have bass below 35 Hz. I can use a subwoofer just fine but not a speaker that goes below 35Hz. Things get fat in the bottom end. Strange room I say.
I do not get it, you have two systems? Is there a question about the Trentes/Stingray?

Interesting. I used to have Maggie 1.6s hooked up to a Stingray. Surprisingly it drove them well. Very vibrant though limited on dynamic range, the Stingray is quite nice.

I also used to own the Trentes and ran them with my Audio Note Soro SE (18 watts) A very nice combo. I too loved the Trentes dearly. I preferred them to my Maggie 1.6s.

I think you will have a nice set up with the Stingray and MMGs (if that is what you are doing). I think you will find, however, that the farther out into the room they are the better they will sound. I have consistently found Maggies like to be as far into the room as they can be (up to 7 feet).

have fun
Thanks you guys. I have the Manley for listening to music in one room and the Denon for watching movies in another. I gave away a pair of Def Tech 7004's to a friend because I wasn't crazy about them and I needed another pair of speakers. I tried the Trente's for watching a few movies and I was thrilled with the clarity of the voices and the movie soundstage they produce. The bass won't shake my couch but it sounds nice. If my house was on fire, I would save the Trente's first(I don't have any children).
I wanted to try the MMG because having a different speaker design I've never heard before is exciting to me. A lot happened since I posted my question and I ordered a very efficient pair of horn speakers. I still plan on getting the MMG's but maybe in a few months.
I bought a pair og MMg's last year for a bedroom system. I just used a best buy Sony receiver 110watts x 5 rated in specs anyway, it made those magnepans sound killer! I then went and picked up some metal and made custom painted black stand that raised them about 6 inches I believe. Let me just say, I have a refence system with about 30k worth of electronis, using some Legacy focus 20/20 speakers, and I could easily see someone living with the mmg's and feeling no need to upgrade. Where the focus better, of course. But the MMG's still sounded superb. They didnt have all the things audiophiles like, except for a super large wall sized sound. But they did sound very good to the ear. So balanced and smooth. I would highly recommend these. I used it in a 17 x 13 bedroom, sitting about 7 ft from the middle of my bed. These were wonderful!!