Magnepan mg1b speakers

I have an opportunity to purchase a pair of very nice mg1b magnepans which have been stored for the last 15 years. Anybody know anything about these speakers? I do not have a clue about them and cannot find any info anywhere.
The very first Magnepan speaker 1976 to 1980 MG-1 worth $100
The second edition: 1980 to 1984 MG-1 'improved' worth $100.
So if they currently play, and sound good, then use them until they start to fall apart. Then, maybe some Maggie nut would want them for a Maggie museum?
To PAY for a refurb is out.. money wise. If you try to use them until they fall apart. (the glue bonding the plastic and the wires has GOT to be going bad) you might get a few days play if you play them loud.
IMO this is a: "if you got them for free them grab them, If you gotta pay ten bucks.. OK.. If they want real money... thank them and walk away" sort of deal.
(For less than $400 you can buy modern used MMgs and have some speakers you can play)
(If you Do buy them.: over on the Audio Asylum they have a planar group. go there to find out about regluing the panels
Magnepan Users Group:
ditto what Elizabeth says, the wire will fall off.

I had a pair of MG1's twenty five years ago (!) that needed repair to the wire that came unglued.

It is an easy fix (that I did myself) but not worth the bother IMO...
Thanks for your info it really helps
You made a great purchase with these maggies, i love his wide soundstage. They are not the most efficient speakers, but they are still good.
I agree with the above responses regarding the repairs - they don't seem worth it since the MMG's are available for such a reasonable price. I had a pair of MG1's that I sent back to Magnepan in the early 90's to have refurbished. They sounded fine, but a few years back, I bought a pair of MMG's and although they were physically smaller in size than the MG1's, I thought the MMG's sounded better. I later traded up to the 1.6's. Good luck.
I had MG1s for well over 20 years. And thru a factory rebuild.

If you get them cheap enough and are willing and ABLE to do some DIY, there is no reason they can't serve you well.

Furthermore, even though they are not the most sensitive speaker, they can be made to work with 100/side or less.

Between the original model and the final there were 'a' / 'b' and 'c' revisions. I think they were crossover and cosmetic mods.

White Bear probably no longer supports this speaker. CALL them, since they don't do internet. Also, MUG (Magnepan Users Group) should be on your short list of bookmarks.
One more comment. I believe as mentioned above, the most common failure mode is the glue bonding the plastic and wires deteriorates. There is another issue to consider, however, and that is corrosion. My MG1's required re-build because the high frequency section was not working. It was not due to amp clipping or overpowering them, I was told by Magnepan that the speakers were internally corroded. This is dependant on storage environment, but it is another consideration.
Magnepan uses lots of ALUMINUM wire. This is what helps the driver be light enough for quickness and is also where the corrosion starts.
2-edged sword.

If you pull the socks and have GREEN, that is corrosion.