Magnepan 3.6R vs. 2.7QR

I am thinking of upgrading my 2.7QR to a pair of 3.6Rs.
Are the sonic benefits of the 3.6Rs worth the close to $2000+ difference between both (used) models?

Has anyone ever compared or owned Magnepans 3.6R vs. 2.7QR side to side?
The true ribbon is a great improvement over the QR. More air and extention. Also, the increased planar area also improves dynamics and resolution.

If you upgrade you won't regret it!!!!!!!!!!
Yes do the upgrade! I use to own IIIa's with the true ribbon adn there is no comparison (I owned 1.6's also). The 3.6 is a true upgrade from your or even IIIa,3.3,3.5 which are all similar
Meanwhile, in the other corner, some folk prefer the QR, sonicly as well as financially. Don't go by what any of us say. Go listen to both.
I like Eldartford's last sentence, it should be the motto on the forums. With the popularity of the 3.6's you should be able to find a pair some what close to you and can listen to see what you think.

From my experience I greatly prefer the ribbon tweeter equipped models from magnepan, but it may not be your cup of tea.
Thanks for the information guys,
i wish i could audition the 3.6QRs on my system, but i guess that is not possible (unless i buy them)
I will try to arrange an audition with a 3.6QR seller.
How about blown tweeters, is that a common problem with 3.6QRs?
Blown ribbons is not a problem with the 3.6. Now one must abide by the advice and guidelines given in the instruction manual, especially when shipping the speaker. Picking the right amplifier to go with the speaker is also important. You don't want something that clips all the time due to insufficient power or voltage output.

Also, forget about bypassing fuses, jumpers, and such as these modifications are not well founded contrary to popular mythology. The improvement, if any, is generally a slight increase in magnitude of the ribbon output which is often perceived as better resolution but, in fact is just an increase in magnitude. Fact is, the 3.6 has excellent resolution in it's stock form. Altering or modifying the crossover can possibly improve the overall sound to some degree but, one should approach this with caution as well. If you want to improve the crossover then my advice is to bi-amp with an active line level crossover. There is a German fellow name Schneider that makes an excellent unit. I can look up his website if desired.
Hi Neal.
Thanks for your post.
I would appreciate if you could post Schneider's website.
Nealhood- What is your experience with modified 3.6's? Judging the fact your considering upgrading to them you have NO experience with them and are making very uneducated assumptions on the level of improvements from modifications. Look inside, see what magnepan supplies for components, in stock form you are keeping yourself trapped in the smallest possible space- and yes that is from my real world experience with modified 3.6's in quite a few different configurations.
I must add that i did upgrade the inductors on my 2.7QRs after seeing the cheap factory inductors that came with the speakers (basically wire spools of copper wire)
and it made a difference in the sound, particularly in the bass.
On the other hand i am skeptic about anyone being able to hear any difference between the steel vs. Copper jumpers in a double blind ABX test..