Magnepan 3.6's - Horizontal Bi-Amp?

I am wondering if there would be any benefit gained with horizontal bi-amping the Magnepan 3.6's? At the moment I am using a NAD C 275BEE stereo amp (150 watts but LOTS of Headroom). I am considering adding a second C 275 and using one amp for the bass panels and the other to power the mid and treble panels. Ever tried this? Tried horizontal bi-amping?
That's the usual way... Vertical is one stereo amp for each speaker.
'horizontal' is the usual because a lot of folks use different amps...
First off you gotta have a separate crossover to biamp. Just sticking two amps on it is not gonna be OK. (If you know this forgive me... )
Annyway, vertical, horizontal.. no big difference if the amps are the same model.
A small lessening of internal amp crosstalk affecting speakers if vertical compared to horizontal.
And I don't think it is worth the bother...
Sell the BEE and buy one BIG amp instead of having two smaller ones.
(I use a Bryston 4B-SST*2 amp on my Maggy 3.6s
I too own a pair of Mag 3.6s. Ironically, I was just toying with the idea of bi-amping as well. I am currently running a Krell KAV 250. It's not that I'm unhappy with the Krell, it's just the age old problem with Mags needing alot of power. It seems you can never have enough power.
I've tried BiAmping, recently actually, and I find that given the cost of an active crossover (absolutely necessary), and a second set of amps, you are better off with one great amp set up and the stock crossover.

Look at Bryston, Innersound (now Sanders Sound), Parasound, Wyred4Sound.

In my opinion the 3.6's really wake up at about 600w into 4ohm, and more is even better. I think you are currently under powered, the headroom angle doesn't wake up the bass in the panels. If you move to a much more powerful amp, you won't believe the sound of a kick drum, or a bass during a jazz passage.

For example, the beginning of the album Kind of Blue, is totally different, to me, from what you have ever heard with extremely well powered Maggies.
Well said Mac.
I think my post recommending a single, better amp got lost in the sauce.

Yep, a single amp and the Bryston on any 5 amp short list.

Everyones heard of vertical and horizontal setups for bi-amping.
Anyone ever do 'X'? 2 identical stereo amps. amp #1 feeds Left bass and right highs. Amp #2 feeds right bass and left highs?
This will equalize amp usage and is easy to swap around.