Magnepan 12s


I am new to this and would greatly value your input. I want to buy Magepan 12s. I want to use denon 3802 reciever and 1600 dvd player. I listen primarily to music.

My question is: I have read that the maggies will not work well with japanese recievers. Has anyone been successful with this type of reciever? If not can you recommend a reciever and player for under $1000 that will work well with these speakers? I really don't want to go to seperates. Thanks for your help
Jolida, Jolida, jolida, a 202 would work great. I have one and love it.
Would I have buy additional equipment besides a dvd player? What does an integrated amplifier do? Thanks
Oh boy,,,, those Maggie 12s aren't bad at all with a Plinius 8100 integrate and entry level Audio Note CD. Not an expensive system but very nice sound. I heard this setup at Audio Connection in Verona NJ... Not bad at all,,, nice match up. Good sound and not expensive at all. Very good system for a small room and not wanting to spend crazy money. That Plinius integrate drove those 12's nice and the bass wasn't bad at all. Nice sound..
An integrated amp is simply the amp and pre-amp sections on one chassis. Most of the time they share the same power supply. (A receiver is an amp, pre-amp and tuner in one chassis sharing the same power supply.)

You will need AT LEAST 125 wpc of GOOD power to drive the 12's, 200 is better. Later on, you can add a fairly inexpensive powered sub with an active x-o to really get the 12's to sing.

I dissagree that you need 125 watts for the mg12's. I drove mine very well with a Linn Classik (75W/4?, approx 40w/8?).
Thanks for all the help.

What does an A/V Reciever do that an Integrated Amplifier not do?

Do they both contain surround sound recievers?

The small Maggie 12s are really the "hidden jewel" in the MAG line up...the bigger 1.6s receive most of the acclaim...but the 12s are no slouches either...they dont have the soundstage, bass, or overall "wow" factor the 1.6s do...but they are a very musical little speaker...if you want to save some cash...the factory direct MMG for $550 is very similiar in sound and dimensions...and I have heard both these on REGA,NAD, and BRyston intergrateds and they sounded great...good luck...
I have run my MG12's with a Yamaha VX850 receiver and they sounded great. (80 watt into 8 ohms but the MG12's are 4 ohms) I have also run them with a Yamaha Pro PM2200 (380 watts @ 4 ohms) slightly different sound but very good. Now they are running on my Bryston 2B (only 60 w @8 ohms, 4 ohms ??) and I have to put them into the pain region of volume before the 2B indicates clipping once in a while. This is in a rec room that is 22' x 34'. Don't beleive the audio snobs about them requiring gobs of power, maybe they are running techno at pain levels?
I've gotten pretty good results using a B&K ST1400II. 125 watts @ 8ohms. They usually sell for @ $300 used.