Magnavox console radio

so i picked up a very clean magnavox 156B console radio. its got a lot of tubes. 15 i think. 185 watts and actually sounds very nice. it has a phono input, but is without the actual t/t. it also has shortwave, broadcast (am), and FM. I took the tubes out and gave them a nice polishing, but it needs a general overhaul. does anyone know anything about these consoles? can i actually use the amp for my t/t? could i have it serviced? would it be worth the expense? how much would that even cost? diggin the tubes though...

You would most likely not like the sound. Consoles, in general, were living room furniture first, electronics second. The console sound tends to be very warm and lush. It sounds almost dated in a way. I worked with my dad fixing stereos and what not in the late 60's and 70's ... just because a vintage piece had tubes didn't mean that it was state of the art. Back then, everything had tubes.

Regards, Rich
Most of these aren't worth more than $50. Servicing them is a lot more. I've restored a few and found that they do sound nice and smooth but are definitely not high fidelity. If you need tubes, buy used or very inexpensive ones. If it has rca inputs for phono, any high output TT will work. You can't hurt anything. If your turntable sounds very quiet and weak, it just means your cartridge is too low of output.
Some folks who are "good" have taken the amps out of these, restored them and used them with nice systems. However, if you look at the tubes and transformers in these, you will see that they really were never meant to be high end.

As Rich said above, most were furniture first...yes, a friend of mine had a console with all mac tube gear and thorens tt-not the norm.
so those amps are not worth the salt? I am a real budget kind of guy. I was going to try and salvage them.
is it possible to remove the amps and fix them up and then use them?
get opinions on the vintage audio asylum...have fun
There are better projects to buy and fix up.
Find an old fisher, scott or pilot amp or receiver to fix up. It may cost a few more bucks than the magnavox but you will end up with first class sound quality when done.
No matter what you do with the magnavox will get you those results, short of redesigning it.
i'm sensing the magnavox is not work a hoot. well, at least its a nice piece of furniture...