Magico Mini 2

I've been listening to the same set up for a 6-7 years now and been fairly happy till recently, when I saw a pair of Magico Mini 2 at a used dealer.  I am of course very curious about these speakers as they were unobtainable back when they were released.

My present system are listed below.  For music, I value musicality, timbre and staging, listening mostly to vocals and small jazz groups. Nothing too loud in a small 12x18 ft listening room

Esoteric K05x with Cybershaft clock
Aurender S10 
Acuphase E450 
Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor 
Mixture of Acrolink and Shunyata cables with a Hydra conditioner

My questions are
-  Is the Magico Mini 2 still relevant and one of the best out there?  AT USD12K used, it isn't exactly cheap but certainly a price I can buy into to try the Magico sound.
-  Understand that its a power hungry speakers and I'll likely need to switch my amp as well eventually... are there any intergrates options out there that you can suggests?
- Not all standmounts are the same and while my auditors work well in my smallish room, can anyone advise if this will be a problem?  Changing the room is not an option ;)

Thank you for taking your time to read this and please offer your thoughts and advise, especially former/present Mini 2 owners. 

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My dad has a pair of these speakers and I love them. He has them driven with all Pass Labs gear. Very impressive and surprisingly good amount of bass for a monitor. That price is high those, 9-10k is more what I’d think they’d be

@chief4425  Thanks and I will lookout for the Passlabs amp.  I am slightly concerned on the Watts but I from what I read, Magico Mini used to be voiced with Passlab amps hence it can't be too bad.

As you and @ebm ebm indicated, I will try to get the set down nearer to 10K... if not, it will be a tougher decision.  Will also look at the TADs since there's lots of good things written and I've got a dealer nearby.

A thought....for a little less money and more advanced tech, I produce a speaker that might be of interest to you.  I use materials that are similar to what is used in the Magico M line (carbon fiber sandwich panels with a honeycomb core though mine is DuPont Nomex rather than aluminum).  The reason I am more reasonably priced than Magico is that I am using pre-fabricated panels rather than spending the money for molds.  

The Verdant Blackthorn 1 is an interesting speaker.  It is easy load with a min impedance of 7.3 ohms.  You wouldn't need to change amps unless you wanted too and it delivers a BIG sound.  Check out Andrew Quint's coverage of AXPONA 2010 speakers under $20K.  It is $10K in Black.  I can do a wood finish or a carbon fiber finish if you would like.  

If you don't like them, I will take them back within 30 days, no restocking fee.  They take 20 hours or so to break in so you will know within a short period of time. 

In the article, they featured our launch prices and we have had to inch up as my manufacturing has gotten their arms around production.  Paint was underestimated in terms of cost in my initial manufacturing.  My coverage is about 3/4 of the way down.

The cabinet in the Magico Mini is a bit dated and I would bet the A1 is a better speaker today.  
Wilson Tune Tots will utterly destroy the Magic’s, as will Guarneri Traditions.
the Magicos I have heard are either disappointing or simply bad. 
Lets bad rap MAGICO as it is one of the BEST.MAGICO A3s sold over 800 pairs because there so bad.HELLO!!
Wilson Tune Tots - a $600 Scan-Speak kit, I don't think so...