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Mágico M6 vs Big Wilson speakers
I don't believe anyone who has heard current large Wilson Audio speakers would put any Magico product in the same league. Beyond the many years difference in experience, you have two facts: aluminum rings and speakers without ports cannot produce ... 
Advise before I regret
The Premiers are a step down. The excellent Prestige series replaced the Studio series. I have listenened to the Prestige 75fs with a Boulder 866, fed by a DCS Bartók. The 75, 85, 95fs are unbelievably good. The Premiers are as cheap as they can m... 
Should I got full tubes or stick with hybrid amps?
I have never heard a hybrid that wasn’t the worst of both. I am picky, as I had a wonderful CJ tube preamp for decades, but the only tube piece I’d consider under $5k is the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III. Separated only make sense if your budget i... 
DAC's Made in the USA
If you want the best sounding DAC, near your price, get an Ayre Codex. It is the only boy thing they have made in China, but then, it is thousands cheaper than their better gear, and worlds better than Schiit (any flavor)! 
Preamp SS to match class D amp
Get an Ayre Ex8 and ditch the class d and you’ll have music again! 
A move from Harbeth to... Wilson?
The Wilsons are an order of magnitude better speakers. They are the lowest distortion, most dynamic and resolving speakers, the most lifelike speakers anywhere near their price. Anyone who thinks they are HiFi sounding has not listened to current ... 
Best 40 to 50k used speakers
A new pair of Wilson Audio Sasha DAWs will far outperform any used speakers!!!!! 
spend on the streamer or on the DAC ?
Ayre QX-8 does both and is far better sound quality than others at this level! 
Upgrade DAC recommendation
The best DAC near that price is the Ayre QX-8. It is closer to 6 with the Network card, but it will sound far better than others less than $9k! I’ve heard many of the other touted DACs. 
KEF LS50 - Question
Flabby bass rolled off highs and highly distorted midrange - what is to like? 
...do great speakers increase in value over time in the vintage market?
The vintage market is driven by nostalgia. People lust after something when they can’t afford it and then come across it when they can. My first good speakers were LS3/5as, bought for $650 in 1981. I somewhat regret selling them to get my first bi... 
Why hasn’t B&W ever entered the ultra hi-end for speakers?
Hifi companies break down into two distinct groups - those who invest primarily in marketing like B&W and those who invest primarily in R&D like Wilson Audio. Wilson has sold far more speakers than all the others combined because they make... 
Why would I need Roon?
I would not consider a Room subscription - I got lifetime, and I’m old;)All the above regarding interface, radio and SQ is correct. UPnP stuff is awkward & ugly, I rarely played music when I depended on those. Also, the truly transcendent DACs... 
Will a $700 turntable outperform a CD player?
No DJ table, or direct drive table will match an “audiophile”turntable designed in the post mass market vinyl era. I would consider the Clearaudio Concept the most affordable destination turntable. The closest thing to a Concept under $1k, would b... 
Seeking advice on Speakers that create an intimate 2 channel listening experience
You really ought to listen to a pair of Wilson Audio Sabrinas. Wilson makes the best speakers in the world, and builds on decades of experience doing so. The most affordable of their floor standers, the Sabrinas are on a whole other level than mos...