Maggie 1.6 or Hales Revelation 3

I'm am currently upgrading my speakers from the Spica Angelus to either the Maggie 1.6 or the Hales Revelation 3. I currently have a Basis 1400/RB 300 with Dynavector 10X4 cartridge. My phono section is an EAR 834P and my CD source is a Cal Icon Power Boss upgrade with HDCD running into a Audible Illusions Modulus 3A fully updated into an Ayre V3 with the first upgrade. I'm tending to lean towards the maggies... Any thoughts?
I love Maggies, but if you spend a goodly portion of time listening extremely quietly (so as to not wake others, etc.), then you might feel that the 1.6's don't "come alive" as well as the Hales. If you mostly listen closer to earsplitting levels, you'll prefer the Maggies if you have the watts.
The 1.6's are incredible in terms of their tonal balance and ability to resolve inner-detail. I love listening at both high and low volume levels. IMHO, I believe due to their dipole radiation pattern, low volume listening is better than most other (box) speaker designs.
i have the Rev 3s and also an A I M3A.I also have a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe(which will get the a revision upgrade) and a Cal Alpha/Delta combo.(that will get the 24/96 upgrade.For box speakers the Rev 3s do everything very well.I cannot comment on the Maggie 1.6's and have heard good things about them.I think that the 3.6's would be more on the level to compare to the Rev 3's.Obviously the maggies will have extreme transparency and this is what makes this design so popular.You need high power and bi- amping to maximize their potential.The Rev 3's will be more dynamic and have vastly superior bass.So it boils down to magical transparency with nice treble and mid range,or a box design that gets it all right and need no added power or bi-amping.
i have the hales rev 3 and the h theater with the center and rev 1 at back .i am in love with the hales.for the money they are the most natural sounding speakers you can clear for the money .there are better sounding speakers but not in this will need power as you will need it for the maggies.i use dawn cable.