Made the call, VPI Prime

Took so long to decide, but at last I ordered the Prime with a Cadenza Blue cart. I'm enthusiastic about the table, hopeful about the cartridge. My cart options were narrowed by the 58db phono stage of my ARC SP20 preamp, but considering how long I took to choose, maybe it's good I didn't have a wider range of options.

When I assembled this system (ProAc and Audio Research) last year I intended an analog-friendly synergy. My hope now is the reported analytical coolness of Cadenza Blue balances well with all the tubes.
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Nice! Enjoy.

Sounds like a great system to me !
as a prime owner with a Soundsmith Aida cart I really doubt you are going to be disappointed. I can't image you could go wrong especially paired with ProArc and Audio Research.
I heard several VPI decks with Soundsmith carts at John Fort in Dallas. A sweet pairing. Soundsmith is definitely on my list down the road. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I'm eager to get it spinning.

I forgot to order a cover, I realized a moment ago. Cats in here make it mandatory. Have to call Seth first thing.
Enjoy that new Prime at its price I really don't think you could do better, and the upgrade path of SDS, perifial ring and a more solid clamp are nice and redilly available as you get that upgrade fever. Go ahead and get you a Mint/Best protracter for setting your arm, kick back and enjoy that vinyl oh and by the way I love mine.
I'm loving my Prime with Ortofon Cadenza Bronze plus Phoenix Eagle PSU and Tach.

Think you'll be in vinyl heaven.
Be careful with a cover  and cats my ginko would slip off so quick if a cat jumped on it . I have a classic
Thanks, all. I'm jazzed.

oleschool, I believe it! I spend a lot of time staring at the audio rack thinking how I'll keep the furballs away from my table and cartridge.