mac 67 mac71 yamaha ct 7000,marantz 20 .

which of these classic vintage tuners ,or any other that comes to mind,might be your favorite and the most warm and musical sounding.which would you look to buy?
If you can afford $2500, find a Marantz 10B, otherwise the Mac MR-71.
Boy is Pgbramsen@aol correct! I actually tried all those about three years ago in my attempt to find the "perfect" tuner (the Marantz 10B won!). One only other possibility, and actually is a near contender to the Marantz, was the big Fisher. I think it was called a 1000 or something (all tube). Only other unit besides the Marantz that made you forget about testing, and listen to the tunes.
Try Fisher KM-60 or REL Precedent(mono only). Agree with Albert on 10B...great classic. I actually like my KM-60 better than the FM-1000 or 200-B. The Sequerra, Scott 4310(or 310-E) are also in my top 5 but for under $500 the little Fisher is amazing.MR-71 is also sweet. REL is the best sounding at any price though. Try a well aligned tube tuner with a good antenna and you will forget about Magnums and Fanfares.
I agree with Rebco a good antenna is essential I like the mac-17 never heard a marantz 10b but from what I have heard a really good one I also like the old mac mr-78 the magnum ft-11 was a good resonable unit right now I use a onkyo 9090 mk II not bad if I had my choice I would take the mac mr-78 the Marantz if I could find it for a decent price other than the thousands asked for.