MA7000 overkill for B&W 805D's??

8X16 downstairs family room, currently have MA7900 with B&W 805Ds and B&W ASW10 sub. Need similar upstairs. Can get MAC6700 for upstairs, or move MA7900 and get MA7000 for the 805's. Is MA7000 too much for the 805D's??
No, high current is good for B&Ws. The 805Ds can handle the MA7000.
The Mcintosh ma 7000 doesn't have enough power for these power hungry speaker. I have own both and ended up taking the speakers back cause of no bass and because the speakers express no emotion. The speakers were dull. I even sold the McIntosh Ma 7000. The only thing I like about the amp was the phono stage. I ended up buying Musical Fidelity m6 500i which is the bomb. To get them speakers to sound right you need about. 400 plus watts or some mono blocks. 200 watts isn't enough to run high end speakers like they need to be run. Don't fool yourself with 200 watts . I saw these speakers on display with Mcintosh mono blocks and thought I could do the same with the Mcintosh Ma. 7000 and was very disappointed . I had to turn the volume to 2 o clock to really get these speakers going. And they still ask for more. The Dynaudio c1 are a whole lot better speaker. . Just trying to save you some money. Good luck
Agree, the MA7000 would be nice with the 805Ds. But, why not try something different upstairs, just for the fun of it?