Bryston 4B-ST overkill for Paradigm ??

I have a pair of Paradigm Ref Studio 100s v2 speakers and have been looking for a decent amp to drive them. The Anthem MCA-2 and Bryston 4B-ST are readily available where I live but not for home audition. I can get the Anthem for a good deal, the Bryston is 3 times the cost of the Anthem, is there really that much of a difference between these two amps driving the paradigms, thanks for the help.
First, think twice about dealing with a business which won't allow you at least a satisfaction guarantee. The Bryston is close to state of the art in design and has a 20 year warranty. However, most modern solid state amps are durable and sonically acceptable assuming that they have sufficient power and headroom for your application. If cost is a strong factor in your decision, try the Anthem with a reasonable return option. Otherwise, my preference would be for the Bryston.
We all have to draw our own line in the sand somewhere... If you do not perceive the Bryston to be worth 3X as much then it will not be a good buy in your eyes. Purchasing the 4BST will no doubt alleviate any amp "upgraditis" you might get with the Anthem (which btw is a nice product but is not a Bryston amp). Its too bad that you can't try out both as only your ears will define how much $$$ you are willing to part with. Remember that when you get past "low-fi" on the way to hi-fi the costs go up exponentially... Slight or incremental returns for what can be large investments!
I agree that trying both out in my home with my gear would be the optimum, but it is not possible. I don't mind spending the money for the Bryston if it is worth it, I don't think it will be 3 times as better than the Anthem but I would be willing to pay a premium for an overall increase in performance. Keep the suggestions coming, thanks.
Miked, steve here. Just a comment about the bryston. Its a great amp and suits me just fine but that 20 year warrenty you get. Dont think its free. The price is marked up accordingly. Great marketing on Brystons part but a lot of Canadian Audiophiles stay away because thats how we see it. cheers steve
Another thing to consider, do you plan to upgrade speakers or any other component in the future? If so the Bryston amps would "keep up" with the level of your system. I have not heard either of these amps but I know going from Sonograph (low end CJ)1k To proceed hpa2 3k was well worth the money. Going by the reputation of S.F. and Bryston I would think you would also hear a significant improvement with the Bryston, but not that the Anthem would be that bad. Is there a return policy at this store? I am surprised to hear of dealers with this level of gear not allowing for home auditions, this is not Ciruit City.
Try the Marsh A400S ($2,000) or A200S (around $1,500). They are even better than the Brystons at a lower cost. The Brystons are good, bot not as good as the Marsh. The Marsh has only a 2 or 3 year warranty though, I should note. But they sound superbly neutral.