M2Tech Young Dac vs Musical Fidelity V-90 Dac

I have Musical Fidelity V-90 dac now, would it be an upgrade to buy M2Tech Young Dac (first generation) dac?
Rest of my system is: marantz pm6006, marantz cd6005, cabasse antigua mc170 speakers, wireworld/hidiamond cables..
Question was a bit specific, I am open to any dac advices that can make a noticeable difference under 800 dollars.

I tried a Matrix dac which reduced the background noise explicitly and I liked it, but missing in smt. music overall..

I need good separation, transparency and most importantly lowered background noise.
I heard the M2tech Young at a audio dealer in central, Ma. Was not too impressed and it looked fugly to boot.  That DAC is at least 10-12 years old. There are plenty of newer DAC’s that can be bought used for pennies on the dollar.  Why buy something that is so old?
You're right, I need to focus on newer dacs, DSD function will be a nice investment. any thoughts on Matrix Mini i-Pro 2, topping dx7/d90, smsl  su-8/su-9  or alternatives?
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what are you driving at and what’s so special?  Enlighten me.