M2 Tech hiFace users

What make (manufacturer) and type of cable is providing you with the best performance to your DAC. Is it Coax digital, regular old RCA\RCA, digital RCA or something else?

Thanks for your input
Any cable that is guaranteed to meet the 75 Ohm standard is applicable. Some believe that there is more to the cable than that and can hear the difference, but I cannot. I recommend blue jeans cable for digital coax.
P.S. I use the hiface with the bluejeans digital coax running from my Mac mini to my PS Audio DLIII.
I agree with the suggestions of 75 ohm coaxial digital cable. I'll add that the length recommendation you may have seen in past threads here and elsewhere, indicating that a length of 1.5 meters (and not less) is optimal, seem to me to be technically well founded. See [url]http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue14/spdif.htm[/url].

The degree to which that length is significant will vary, of course, with the jitter rejection capabilities of the particular dac, and with other system-related variables, but using that length can't hurt and may help.

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-- Al
Blue Jeans digital=Canare, a great starter cable. I prefer to use Stereovox/I2Digital cables.
So far I've liked it with the Stereovox XV2 Ultra in RCA & RCA to BNC (1M), feeding a Bel Canto DAC.

I have ordered the Hiface in BNC config, and a Oyaide T510B 1.3M BNC cable... those two items should be here later this month.

Hopefully the oyaide wire will work better than the XV2 or Ultra did.
My HiFace arrived today and made a difference! I am using a little over 10 meters of 75 ohm coaxial digital cable from Sonic Wave and it is working great!