Lyra Kleos or EMT TSD 15 for Rega P9

Looking for opinions on choice between these two carts for a Rega P9/RB1000. I know both need VTA adjustment, was planning on using spacers. Thanks for any input.
Kleos would be a better match in terms of compliance. The Rega arm may be a bit shy on effective mass for the EMT.
I can confirm that the Delos works great on a P9 so the Kleos likely would as well.
Totally two different sounding carts. If you like more of a hi-fish sound and have lots of new/modern records, go ahead with a Lyra. Else it is the TSD15 for me any day.

BTW, I have heard a Lyra Delos on a P9 very recently, it is a good match, depends whether you like the signature or not.

Can you further describe the EMT TSD 15 sound? As compared to the Kleos? In other words, why would you choose the TSD 15 over the Kleos?
Ktn, the TSD15 has a colourful big bold sound, superbly macro dynamic and full sound without sacrificing anything in the high frequency. You get a impactful, forceful sound which is more like analogue. The Lyra is more like a modern day sound, precisely cut, less meat more bones, somewhat tipped towards highs, faster, somewhat cleaner, slightly higher in resolution altogether a bit like CDs.

Your observations are invaluable...thank you so much. I just wanted to add one more cart to the discourse: any opinions on the Benz Micro Ruby TR? I have a suitable step-up, an A23 Hommage T1. If I go for the tsd 15, would have to trade for a suitable tranny. Thanks again.
What a coincidence Ktn, I am myself looking to upgrade to a Ebony TR (it is not Ruby TR I suppose). Since you have the SUT for it, I think it is a better bet compared to both TSD15 and Lyra. The TR supposedly (I have not heard it personally) has the midrange of TSD15 and speed of Lyra. I am hoping to upgrade to it, but I dont have the step up for it.

I have the opportunity to trade in the A23 Hommage T1 for a T2 which is similar but designed for the output and impedance characteristics of the EMT TSD 15. Do you think such a combo is comparable to a Benz Ebony TR/T1 tranny. In other words, does the EMT TSD 15 come close to the Benz Ebony TR given both are wired to suitable trannies? From what I have gathered, the Benz is described as more refined and nuanced but less macrodynamic than the TSD 15. Any thoughts?
Ktn- Just wanted to echo what Pani said about the Tsd-15 sound. I think he is right on with his description. I am not sure about the Ebony TR working with the Homage T1, but I would think that to be a great match. As you likely know, a popular online mag reviews the TR w/ the T1. I am going to throw one more fish in the pond, the DV XX2. I have not heard it, but l recently spent some time with the 20 X2. My Tsd-15 isn't going anywhere, but I was very impressed with the 20 X2. It also was mounted on a Rega arm, and is a very nice match. Perhaps the DV sound may tow the line between the Delos/Tsd-15. I believe the DV's also match well with the Homage.
Ktn, just read your last comment. That's a tough one. My guess is you would be happy w/ either cartridge with a T1 or T2. Maybe it will come down to which cart is best suited to your Rega setup.
Yes, you will be happy with either of them. The Benz is more neutral.
Check the cartridge compliance - i am sure the TSD 15 is lower compliance and is best suited to a heavier arm.

I believe that there is a brass vta adjuster available for the rega arm it's had rave reviews by Absolute Sound Magazine no less.

Out of interest, why have you narrowed the cartridge choice to these two? Have you heard either of them at length