Lyra Delos vs. Zyx r-1000


currently have on my VPI super-scoutmaster the Kiseki blue NOS cart. Looking for some more detail and low-end resolution. Budget is at around $1,500.
Two names come to mind are the Lyra Delos and Zyx r-1000. How the two compare ? Any other suggestions for a MC cart?
Thanks in advance to all repliers.
Doesn't the Delos fall somewhere in the yatra or Fuji price level. I believe the R-1000 series costs a fair amount more. Just a thought, and sorry I couldn't help with your question.
Just saw the part where you asked for other suggestions. In your price range, the Emt Tsd-15 is quite good IMO. Currently using mine with an A23 (High impedance) SUT. assuming you are still running the 20XL, what are you looking for more of.

My virtual system is not updated so I have sold my Dyna 20xl and currently use Kiseki blue
As a first step, I'd confirm that both carts will work well with your tonearm.