Lumin Tidal connect user

Im thinking about to get a Lumin X1 streamer but i have question about Tidal connect.


Today i use a pc with usb to the dac and displaying the tidal program on the tv. I like to do that because my wife also want to se what we are playing and serch for new tracks and sometimes play music videos and so on.


Is it possible to use tidal connect on the Lumin streamer and use the pc to operate the tidal program and display it on the tv as today? 

Or is it only possible to use the app in i smartphone or ipad?


Yes, you can run the Tidal app on your PC*, and use Tidal connect with your X1. It operates similarly to how it does on an iPad/iPhone.

* - I've never run it on a Windows™ PC, but do so on my mac(s). I expect it works the same on Windows.

You may, depending on your TV, be able to just install Tidal app directly on it and feed its toslink or HDMI ARC to your receiver or DAC. Apple TV also allows Todal to be installed.
As I understand based on this use case the sound quality is not of the utmost importance.