LRS order to shipping time

I ordered my LRS speakers 5 weeks ago. I was told to expect them in 2 to 3 weeks. I realize that they are VERY popular, but what is the current lag time. Has anyone who ordered in Late March Early April received their speakers. I am planning to drive them with my Carver m400t, but if that does not work order the Schiit Vidar. I hear that is selling too fast to keep up with the demand. Oh the price of making good decisions and buying great products.
Congrats, you are getting the system I want! I heard the LRS + Vidar is a fabulous combo. 
Absolutely!, when you do get them please give an objective review, after you have really settled into them.  Thinking of ordering them myself but just don't know what to really expect.
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Yeah, what with the rave reviews and online comments I think they've been overwhelmed with orders. I emailed Wendell Diller at Magnepan to see if he can give us a heads up on the current lead time.

Jetter, I heard them at AXPONA and all I can say is that I've never heard sound like that for $650. Everyone is saying it was some of the best sound at the show and that was my impression too. They're serious about the money back offer, so I wouldn't hesitate to try them. The whole purpose of the LRS program is to encourage people to listen to what current Maggies can do -- they don't make much money on the LRS itself, but they know that some of the people who buy them will move up to the larger models. Also, they're taking orders personally so they'll discuss your needs and room with you -- if they don't think they'll work, they'll tell you. Wendell said at the show that in a large room, they need a sub, because the small panels aren't large enough to couple to the room. 
Heard back from Magnepan, and they confirmed that the lead time is longer than they'd estimated, but said it's shorter than lead time on the 30.7's -- so at least there's some comfort in not spending $30,000! :-)

I only know one person who's gotten his LRS's so far, and he ordered before AXPONA and Steve Gutternberg's review.
Latest word from Magnepan, lead time is probably 4-6 weeks.
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In all seriousness, what kinds of cheap amps are you referring to Elizabeth?