lp12 300b phono stage help

hello all,
i am a record geek. i don't ever listen to cds, i just don't. currently i'm using a phonomena with my lp12 ittock and asl 300b integrated. i like the sound immensely but am certain that i can do better. oh and every thing is coming out of moth audio cicada speakers and all cabling is cardas. i want to keep the speakers, i love my turntable, and i love my amp. basically i need someone to steer me into a great phono stage and possible cartridge match up. i've read reviews and read the posts and searched the world but i cant make up my mind.
things i enjoy from the current rig are: lovely vocals, dynamics, detail, air, and bass. i want more of it all.so what do you think? can i do better, is there a magic missing ingredient? any match ups or first hand advice with similar set ups is greatly appreciated.
I recommend you consider Linn's own. It is obviously designed for their table and it fits nicely. What about going with their top arm first? That way you maximize the effect of the phono stage and any cartridges you get later.
thanks for the advice. the linto is one i was considering. along with ph-1p, ph3se, and just because it sounds so cool the sutherland PHd although it's a little pricey. i understand the ittock is a fine arm and i would like to match a cartridge and phono stage to my current set up. one thing about the linto is it isn't adjustable. i like the idea of being able to fiddle with different cartridges.
i forgot to mention that i am using a benz micro ace medium output cartridge now.
lovely vocals, dynamics, detail, air, and bass. i want more of it all

As presented, there seem two hardware solutions:
*A better phono stage -- an expensive proposition UNLESS you go diy (or find someone to build one for you from a kit)
*Tweaking the input stage & volume pot in the Asl. Maybe s/one has tweaked your 300B -- or the company itself can propose something.

Otherwise, changing your cartridge, another (expensive) option, may not yield all its potential.
500-600$ gets you a dynavector P75, a steal for a phono stage.
I'd recommend a Shelter 501 MkII and a nice tube phono stage with over 65db of gain capability. This will complement your SET/single driver combo very nicely.

Perhaps an EAR 834P or something around that quality level would be good.
thanks everybody,
so far i still haven't narrowed it down. one great thing about the 834p is the volume control, see, i want ultimately to eliminate the pre section of the amp and go direct through the phono stage. maybe there are others out there with volume control? i haven't seen many.
the shelter cartridge looks nice. and great reviews too. i wish i could get a hold of like 10 cartridges and then make a choice. but so far i have not found anyone to loan me a box of cartridges.
ok how bout this, a wright wpp100 with a shelter 501, good match?
nevermind; i bought another house and have other worries now.