Low powered SET w/ Virgos?

i am currently listening to my Virgos with a tube pre-amp solid state amp combo. i'm curious whether anyone has tried a low powered SET amp (say 5-15 watts) with this speaker. if so, what were your impressions and what SET did you use? thanks for the feedback

Not an SET, but in similar vein: Virgos driven by a Pathos Twin Tower (a hybrid integrated). The sound was "bouncy" and homogenious, as I remember, with good dynamics. Am not sure of top end extension. Source was cd and listening was at a dealer's -- so, pls take the commentary with more than a grain of salt. Also, didn't A-B the Pathos with an ss; I just listened in in an audition...
Do try before you buy: as you know, Virgos seem to like lots of current (although they do play music with less than the usual powerhouses).
Kind of the same answer as above. I use a BAT VK60 with great sucess. It's 30 watts, single end bridge design. Great combo.
Decware would be a good choice.5 watts www.decware.com. They have some really nice amps.I have heard the entry level 84B version they have the C version out now.They have a 30 day return policy if you are not pleased.
I would say you are pushing it to drive the virgo's with 15 watts. It might work. I have run mine with a 45w el-34 amp and thought it had plenty of strength, but none of the bass that you are paying for with a virgo.

They definitely sound better with more power. I recently put some high current 220 watt tube monos on mine, in place of my normal 100 watt stereo amp, and found the soundstage to be MUCH larger and improved. It is remarkable how much the bass improves with additional power. I ran a 375watt/4ohm solid state on them for a time, and they sounded like I had added a subwoofer.

Let us know what you find !