upgrading power cable on powered woofer a must?

I recently upgraded my digital player, preamp, and amp to audience power chord e version

They are a good improvement

I have the original powerchord for the powers woofer of my speaker. Is the woofer amplifier likely to have a big improvement by upgrading the power cable?


The results will vary from speaker to speaker. I owned a pair of Mirage OM-8's and used aftermarket power cords for the powered section(Shunyata Research Diamondback).Just for kicks, one day I replaced these with the cheap stock cords and was surprised to hear little if any difference, so I sold the Diamonbacks, one of them right on this site. When it comes with cables of any kind you really must audition any prospective candidates in your own system to see for yourself if there will be a worthwhile improvement.
I tend to agree somewhat here with Rcrerar and espedcially about the results varying.

it also depends on the sub... your means... and just how well, picky you are.

Perhaps had more $$$ been spent on the power cord. Or just another brand, or even just a different wire guage or termination, a different perspective would have been gained.

I like what pc's do for components and I always look there first to try gaining improvements in the audio structure.

Audience is a nice pc. I've not tried the newer line though. That was my assesment, "nice". Nothing remarkable or ear opening though.

On my two Velodynes, a VSA, and a ACI Titan, I've ktried putting just about every pc I own on them. PCs intended for amps, generally proved out better. I now use one of two Voodoo Gold Dragons on the DD15 with super results. Even on subs with non migratory cords, I've used an adapter and plugged in an aftermarket pc... it was always better than just using the OEM cord.

How much better, and how much you wish to invest is always the true question. The Gold D isn't the best pc for the DD, but it's good enough that I don't invision seeking out the 'just right one' for it. I'm satisfied with the results there. New the Golds are around $600 for a 6 footer like mine. It's best aspect is the bottom end punch and delineation. other's that served well there are the Python Helix, Kimber PK 10 Pladium, Voodoo Black D, taipan helix, and SR T2. All provided varying degrees of low end res and impact.

My answer then is "yes" power cords on subs do make a difference. Just as they do on many other components. What sort, and how much, remains the intangibles. Just about always.
i would say that everything that i've owned has benefitted from upgraded power cords but i agree that the effect on a powered woofer is not the most dramatic difference in the audio chain, though in my experience there certainly is an improvement.

the first time i put one on a sub (or a martin logan woofer) i thought that i was going to get deeper bass, but what i actually got was just a little more tuneful bass - less huffing, more notes. i unhooked my speakers, actually, and just listened to the subs (crossed over as high as possible) with different cords once, and when they had good cords on them, they were definitely less "wooly" sounding.

you have an easy way to check, though, just pull 2 audience cords off of your components, listen to a few very familiar tracks with the stock cords back in the chain to reset your ears a bit, and then insert the audience cords on your speakers and see if there is a discernable difference.

i wouldn't think that you need audience cords on your speakers, though -- in my system, for example, i can easily tell the difference between a stock cable and ANY upgraded cable on woofers, but it's much harder to tell the difference between, say, a $50 MAC or element cable and a $1000 shunyata.

give it a try, though, and let us know the results, i love this kind of thing. cheers!
before any up grades id probly try some cheap tweeks i got my speakers off the floor on a cutting boards, all pieces isolated ,cables hung and you may not need sub. speakers are maggies mm1,vandersteen2c,paradigm moniter20 bw cdm9nts good luck
My powered woofer on my speakers need 7 foot power cords so can't switch out my 5-6 foot upgraded cords I use on my preamp, amp, and cd player.

The upgrade from stock to audience power chord was small but palpable so upgrading to a newer impover audience powerchord would probably be rather small.

The improvement was highly worth it on my amp and cd player

"My powered woofer on my speakers need 7 foot power cords so can't switch out my 5-6 foot upgraded cords I use on my preamp, amp, and CDP"

SURE YOU CAN. Just USE A nema to IEC adapter and another OEM cord you already have laying around. Price? $5 - $20 ea.

Do a search for IEC adapters.. online power comes to mind. VA Audio too offers some Cryotreated ones reasonably. They do work, and are a tremendous aid in running in power cords without running down your gear.

I've done this several times with positive results on pieces with non migratory power cables. The character of the 'newly added' downstream cable will do it's job fine.... it's like the electrician extended the outlet another few feet using a different cord is all.

No sweat.. no prob.