Low output on my new marantz pm-15s2

My system:
Arcam 23t cd player
Marantz pm-15s2
Monitor audio rx8
Cullen cable biwire
Kimber kable kacg
power juice 2

I just bought this integrated amp new. The volume goes from -100 through 00. I get no output from my speakers until I hit -60. At that volume setting the output is very low.
I checked the connections to amp to speakers and it's all connected correctly. The connection fro
The cd player to the amp is connected correctly.
At first I used a shielded power cord with 3 prongs on the amp. At that point the output was super low. I replaced the cord with the stock one that was provided with the amp. And that seemed to improve things. But still to low of an output compared to what I had before (adcom gfp 750 & aragon 8002) that amp pushing out 250 watts at 4 ohms.
I read a review of the marantz pm8004. That has slightly lower output at 4 ohms compared to my amp. The reviewer had the 8004 connected to a big set of Wilson speaker (forgot the model). Per the review tha 8004 did a great job of driving the Wilson's. My monitor audios should be no problem.
I have read the manual and could not find a solution or setting that can help. The marantz rms at 4 ohms is 140 watts.
Any ideas?
Unless the volume pot is calibrated intentionally so that the usable range of adjustment is -60 to 00, I would say you have a defective unit. Make sure the mute switches, tape monitor switch, and speaker selector switches are in the correct positions. If you can borrow another hi-level input source, like another CD player, that would help verify.
I am having the same issue...I'm curious to know if you have found a solution.
It was his binding posts the clear plastic housing that coats the binding posts (I believe for CE rating) was not letting them make a good connection when using spade lugs. When you tighten these the clear plastic makes contact and does not let the spades make a good contact. This is the reason for low output. He sent me the speaker cables and I re-terminated them with bananas and the problem was fixed.
Hope this helps!
I own the pm11s1 and also had owned the pm15s1. It's perfectly normal with these units. At -70, you should hear faintly, at -60, you should be able to hear the music perceptibly, at low volume.